Resist the beneath the skin pull toward actions of relationship sabotage this week! Love Goddess Venus in I’m On FIRE! Aries conflicts with You Really Should Listen To Me Saturn relishing his time in his sign of rulership, I’ve Got It All Planned Capricorn. She squares him March 3, 2020, but you feel it before and after as part of her intricate 2020 love foundations reset.


Bad is such a “judgy” word. Let’s say challenging. Your desires may conflict with what is truly in your best interests, and that can be especially true in relationships, particularly love relationships.


So, yes, be kind to others and super honest with yourself. Just to complicate things further Messenger Mercury continues to fog up communications even as he moves backwards from If Fishes Were Wishes Pisces into I Can Save The World Aquarius. The Retrograde continues. Expect continued voting “irregularities” for Super Tuesday – just sayin’. 


You got that right! Avoid major relationship decisions this week, especially on Tuesday & Wednesday.


Meanwhile, One More Question Gemini Moon helps you make subtle adjustments regarding how you are resetting your 2020 and forward foundations

Poke around at what you like about your plans so far. 

  • Do you even have any? 
  • What are you willing to change? 
  • What’s shifting that’s out of your control? 

Identify the gifts you’d love to receive, even in the form of outside guidance and unexpected boons. Be willing to adjust timelines and expectations.


Vivacious Venus shifts from pouty, stubborn resistance to melty, sensuous pleasure when she sextiles Fleet Of Foot Mercury on March 4. But that’s another story!

Today is an awesome day to be deliberately conscious around issues of relationship sabotage. Make space for gentleness and grace.

Make this a day to feel good about!



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