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We’ve been in the middle of a Plutonic Power Shift since March 2023, when the Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto first left Capricorn (after 15 years there!) to sit at 0° Aquarius. After a few months, Pluto retrograded back into Capricorn, but the changes had already been initiated – think ChatGPT and AI.

If you are a sensitive soul, you may have been experiencing the “energy flu” prior to a Plutonic Power Shift. Some say it’s like being underwater – sound changes, and you feel the pressure. Others are tired, flu-ish, or low-energy with an accompanying downbeat mood. I like it better when I get the exciting rush of anticipation and major downloads. But there is a “shadow” side of being connected and open.


This Plutonic Power Shift tilts your world on or around January 20, 2024, when Spiritual Death Pluto aligns with Outer You Sun at the very last second, 29°, 59 minutes, of Capricorn. This is Cazimi, a perfect merge that amplifies the qualities of both archetypes. You (Sun) fully experience and hopefully embrace inevitable change (Pluto).

Shortly after that, the Sun transits (moves) into Quantum Connections Aquarius. We leave behind the heavier constraints of Earth sign Get To Work Capricorn to play in the stars with Air sign Freedom Is Everything Aquarius.\

Pluto In Aquarius

Finally, all on the same day, Pluto occupies, for the second time in less than a year, the potent position of 0° Aquarius. The world as a whole, and each of us individually, is compelled to face issues around the distribution and wielding of power in every aspect of life. Expect the unexpected, as Aquarius is ruled by the Rebel Genius Uranus, soul kin to major changes Pluto, and startling tech and other innovations are revealed.

Multiple Frequencies

And there are other influences adding to the Plutonic Power Shift impact:

  • I’ve Got A Message For You Mercury trines (favorably balances with) Let Me Super Size This For You Jupiter. This is a grounding yet expansive Earth trine and supports you in clarifying Plutonic Power Shift messages big time!
  • Love To Love Venus squares (challenges) Higher Awareness Or Get High Neptune. You may struggle with your own addictions and be susceptible to flights of romantic fancy. Lean into the Earth trine listed above to see the truth through the illusions.
  • Empowerment King Jupiter sextiles (positive activation) Stern Task Master Saturn. The two biggest planets in our system, hugely different from each other, team up to bring you the best of both archetypes. Take this alignment to its full potential. Accept that you’ve got the power, and you can choose to take the steps you know you need to make.

Make a Plutonic Power Shift to your self care! Below is from a social post I made this week that is your official Shamanic Permission Slip to sit on the river bank rather than try to swim through the rapids:

Plutonic Power Shift woman

Pluto Enters Aquarius 1/20/24 (again)

Shamanic Weather Mini

Don’t push – watch.

Don’t think – listen.

Don’t rush – allow.

Don’t assume – wait.

We are being inundated with information, opinions, scenarios and laundry lists of worries.

Say, no, thank you. Get off the OMG superhighway for the weekend. Tend to self, family, friends.

If you can, spend some sacred time visioning.

Infuse some water, or crystals, or both, with some of this Change energy for later use.

A massive clearing of the way has been in process for some time. Take this generational, New Age shift home and make it personally rewarding rather than life overwhelming.

This is a dress rehearsal for 2025 and the next 20 years.

You don’t have to do it all in a day. Pluto takes almost 250 years.

Make this a shift to glow about. Roar!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind!