Shamanic Weather – Passionate Power Flares Virgo Full Moon

These continuous, broadband power flares transmit raw energy rich with sophisticated information for this Virgo Full Moon. What does it mean for you, especially sensitives and healers? It depends upon which “station” you tune in to!

🌕 Virgo Full Moon

How You Shine Sun illuminates us all in Mystical, Magical Pisces, and is boiling over with overwhelming X-ray Power Flares and coronal hole high speed streams. Mother Earth, and the other planetary bodies, receive and translate these transmissions. And as residents of this third rock from the Sun, we each get our own unique message that begins an alchemical process of change.

How You Feel Moon in Tend To Practical Matters Virgo helps us focus on just what changes are being instigated. What area of your life needs attention? It’s time to clear out, clean up, and commit to the path toward a happier, healthier you. Be gentle with this! You have the motherly but firm Virgo energy supporting you.

⚡ Passionate Power Flares

For the first time since February 14, 2022, Divine Feminine Venus and Sacred Masculine Mars conjunct (align). In mythology, they are the eternal lovers, and for us they unleash the ultimate energy of conflict, surrender, joy and creation. In fact, three X-flares erupted as these two conjoined! 

The extra impact comes from them both passing through the 0° Aquarian Portal and encountering Now You Must Change Pluto right at the threshold. 

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, demands a death to fuel the transformation. And so, How You Love Venus shed her skin to shine with a new understanding of what She/you value in relationships, worldly goods and experiences, and comfort. In turn, How You Move Mars released old patterns and strategies to create new purpose and plans.

And together, they catalyze and add their creation magic to the light codes and transmissions bathing all of us.

💫Yes, There’s More

Wounded Healer Chiron conjuncts the North Node of Destiny, reminding us that our healing informs our present and future. And Empowerment King Jupiter squares the Venus/Mars conjunction, adding more fuel to the passionate power flares!

Expect fresh waves of energy to continue to flow past the Virgo Full Moon for days. We are all again in that crucible of change, and resistance truly is futile!

Make this a Full Moon to Roar about!


Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Munay-Ki Mentor


Art by MJ