In Shamanism we call this pandemic a dismemberment, the take-apart, a total systemic deconstruction in order to allow a new energetic pattern arise. All we can do is take care of our own personal disruption and if resources permit help others as the entire world struggles to accommodate staggering challenges.

This weekend we reach an energetic pivot point as Empowerment King Jupiter and Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto meet in the sign of the Mysterious Goat Fish Capricorn. Some call this the aspect of the year, and it certainly resonates with the January 12, 2020 Saturn/Pluto Foundation Breaking Conjunction in Capricorn.

Pandemic dismemberment means we now have no choice but to evolve, to change, and in a Jupiter BIG way. Start sewing your face masks…

Love Goddess Venus moves into the sign of the Did You Think Of This? Gemini. Major focus on the heart and what we think about what we love and value chases us through her long transit of Gemini – she retrogrades in Gemini in May!

And Messenger Mercury conjuncts Om Guru Neptune in Everything Is Bliss Pisces. Deep, profound messages are available for you. Be sure you listen!

Healing Opportunities

I’ll be facilitating a no charge Zoom Shamanic Drumming Circle and World Healing Meditation this Saturday at 7 pm Pacific Time. We’ll be energetically coordinating with the global healing event taking place around the world timed with the 7:45 pm Pacific Time Global 20 minute meditation. I hope you can join us!

And beginning next week I’ll be offering Four Directions Healing Circle sessions. Up to five people can participate with me in these one hour Zoom sessions, and I’ll schedule several per week as time allows.

In April these Circles will focus especially on the pandemic and how we are individually affected. Plus, attendees bring their own issues to the group. Contact me for details on this new approach to community and personal healing. No shamanic experience required.

Every day I bitch about something, and I’m grateful about something, and I practice breathing. It works for me. May you find what works for you! Make each day an adventure to Roar about!



I would love to see you! Schedule your session!

Art: Infinita by Luz Derado

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!