My Weird Holiday Gift

I woke up sick with a cold on Christmas Day, 2023. That’s a weird holiday gift no one wants to receive!

It’s been at least ten years since I’ve had the “common cold.” The very specific dry tightness at the back of my throat told me it wasn’t allergies, although I was in maybe-maybe not land for a chunk of the day.

So I dropped my holiday plans (boo), rescheduled clients (sigh), and took a journey with my Guides for healing and answers (smart).


“Ahem. What’s up? Why now?,” I asked my Guides.

They did healing work on me (thank you, dear helping spirits!), and they told me that this weird holiday gift would be a gentle boost to my immune system so I would be inoculated to the more unpleasant nasties infecting so many folks right now. 

I found that answer quite acceptable. And, I surrendered.

And – wow, I feel BLESSED. So many are navigating fevers and deep coughs, and I’m coasting through this. I have some congestion and occasional coughing. Yet, my energy level is rising each day, I’m getting stuff done, at a slow pace, of course, and really being in the flow

I would love to vibe this healing out to others and contribute to the collective surrender to the experience and ease suffering. (Hoot owls are hooting their approval as I write this!)

My Weird Holiday "Gift"


I opened a sacred container to hold me. Then I posted to my FB folks and asked for advice. Through my intentional portal I could receive and process all helpful transmissions, downloads, well wishes and such.

See what I did there? My Guides are mitigating the rush of energy sent my way. There’s my weird holiday gift suggestion for you 😉.

Kind people offered their favorite cold remedies and sent well wishes on my FB Post.

 It felt like each suggestion actually happened, and I feel better just from that!

I would love for this healing vibe to multiply out to others and ease suffering.

We’ll see how that goes!



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And thank you for reading, and sharing, and replying to my emails. It lets me know to keep you on my list.

I really appreciate YOU!

New Year’s Blessings to you and yours,


Cover art: Star Goddess by Mary Ancilla Martinez