The Shamanic Weather November 11, 2019


The Mighty Magic Full Moon illuminates a new truth for you. You had an awareness of this, but you didn’t really believe and haven’t been able to fully embrace it, own it.


Above us the planetary archetypes have been weaving an intricate spell of emotional crisis (Scorpio Sun, Mercury Retrograde), spiritual discernment (Saturn Sextile Neptune), and surprising messages (Sun conjunct Mercury). 



The Mighty Magic Full Moon illuminates the I-knew-that-and-I-didn’t truth about something, or someone, that before now you haven’t seen with such clarity. AND, opens access to your I Believe super power. 



With the Sun in Scorpio the Scorpion Seas surge and roil, churning awake stagnant feelings and venomous thoughts. Full Moon in Taurus bulls through the darkness to own the sky and guide you up out of the darkness. The Shadow Scorpion dies in the flame to become the Fiery Phoenix ascending.


Now you realize a far more tangible result of relationships spelunking (don’t you LOVE that image?). You’ll either find you have evolved into a better relationship with yourself, or that a particular relationship or relationships become clearer for you.



You haven’t sneaked this one in for awhile! Yes, in a way because you update your particular relationship values. Full Moon in Earthly Comforts Taurus is empowered by Take Action Mars sextile Got Your Gifts Right Here Jupiter. That bright moonlight shines right on the sweetest aspects of relationship with yourself and with others. You are your own Soulmate attracting like-hearted souls.



Subconscious truth becomes conscious awareness. The Scorpion of darkness yields to the transformation of the reborn Phoenix. Spread the wings of your heart and fly!


Make this a Full Moon to ROAR about!





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Art: Source unknown


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!