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Mercury Retrograde Vacation Time

(This is a very different Shamanic Weather for you – a story of the archetypes that may very well be alive in your life right now)

Mercury, the Winged Messenger, was looking forward to vacation time. He’d certainly started it right. He’d spent the New Moon with the ever changing Moon Herself. 

She’d been in her Aries form, all feisty and fiery, and he loved her like that. Then in an instant she’d transformed into her bountiful, luscious Taurus aspect. And he fell in love with her all over again. But, that wasn’t unusual for his quicksilver heart.

The Eclipse with the Sun made the moment even more special. Together, they fell into the Eclipse Transformation Tunnel that would be the crucible of changes for the next six months. 

Vacation Time Begins

All too soon, though, she left him, continuing further into the very pleasing wilds of Taurus the Bull country. Since he was now retrograde, Mercury turned the other direction and saw Frazier (the current name Taurus was using) lounging up against his “scratching” tree.

“Hi Frazier! The Moon says her entry into your land was particularly delightful this time.”

Frazier snorted, a knowing look in his eye, as he rubbed his flank against the tree and shook his neck, making the delicious scent of the garland that Love Goddess Venus had draped over him rise.

“I do my best to be comfortable. I like my guests to feel that way, too.” He was modest on the outside, but Mercury knew his old pal was purring with satisfaction beneath the surface. The Bull and Venus had a history that went way back.

Bullish Wisdom

“Well, I’m on my three week Retrograde Vacation. Any suggestions? Do you have any messages for me to deliver while I’m heading back to the Dragon’s Head?” The Dragon’s Head Destiny Path North Node was parked at the entrance to Frazier’s peaceful territory, rolling around in the lush meadows and feasting on abundant game. It would be moving on in a few months, and was fattening up for the ;pinto dynamic Aries.

Frazier chewed on a piece of grass, rolling his eyes and snorting again. 

“Don’t you know the meaning of vacation? It means no more working.”

Mercury opened his mouth to argue, but then uncharacteristically stopped. Hmm…that was true. 

What would it be like to just mosey and not do much? To give himself time to think, or better yet, to empty his super active mind? 

“You are right, Frazier. I’ll take it easy for a few weeks and let go of any agendas and communications.”

Frazier’s eyes went half lidded as he smiled with satisfaction. “That sounds better. Nap often. Maybe you’ll get messages for yourself in your dreams. In fact, I’m due for a nap myself.” And with that, the sneakily wise bull fell immediately to sleep with a deep, low snore.

New Direction

Mercury took off his winged helmet and shoes and stuffed them in his messenger bag. A quick burst of titillating energy flowed through him, and was quickly gone. The Eclipse Transformation Tunnel was already at work on him, shifting perspective and even his sense of time. Taking up his caduceus staff, he began his journey back through the abundant and very, very inviting lands of Taurus.

This was going to be the best Retrograde Vacation he’d ever had.

(Mercury Retrograde in Taurus can bring about important and necessary changes for each of us. Staying grounded, connected to the Earth energies and what fills our hearts is imperative. We can take a Retrograde Vacation from the stress of doing and rediscover the simplicity of being.)

Make this a Mercury Retrograde to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Art: Larisa Koshkina on Pixabay

Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!