Pay attention to the emotional preview featured these last few days before Mercury Stations Retrograde in Pisces.

What’s coming up now will most likely be revisited from February 16 to March 9 as the Magical Messenger travels backward through the expansive and emotional Piscean seas.


Pisces does NOT like to be rushed, so that preference is amplified right now. Accept what is so the sharp rocks of denial don’t sink your ship!


Mercury Retrograde in Pisces can be awesome! This first retrograde of 2020 takes us through normalized or previously uncharted emotional waters. Mercury dives deep to discover information that we might otherwise miss or ignore.


What are the once hidden messages now active in your life that are bubbling up from the depths of the past? Big emotions are a signal to dig down beneath the initial reaction and find the treasure chest of understanding and integration. 

Current situations and events that stimulate uncomfortable (bummer-shadow) or exciting (exhilarating) feelings take you right there, right now. From a sappy commercial to an unexpected gift, your heart center is bound to be flooded


Treat the feelings like the semaphore flags that they are. They are so worth reading! As we enter this retrograde Sagittarius Moon squares Mercury, so our desire for the truth and to see the bigger picture is there if we can get past the resistance a square implies. The Moon also trines Venus in Aries, setting us up for fiery passion that can make us rash in love (oops?) and anger (whoa!). 


So, when you find your emo levels rising, ask your Witness Self to step to the side and observe what’s going on. Is my healthy ego serving me, or am I undermining my best interests? 

Your Merc Retro Prep: As your inner mind machinations become clear, examine them more closely with how these previously automatic processes work for you. Start now with a list of questions you can use later to help you consciously move through any challenges, like:

—Am I justifying unkind behavior? (either yours or theirs)

—Do I need to be right? Or do they?

—Am I making myself/them wrong for even having feelings?

—Can I have compassion for myself and anyone else involved in this?

Please consider the option to enjoy the unlimited ecstasy natural to the fully realized Pisces. I’d rather float lazily or surf the waves than eat sand any day.

Find your own Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Mantra. Here’s mine:

“All of these feelings are a rich resource of knowing myself and how I am thriving or flailing in the world.  I embrace that luscious power of my heart and soul and follow the flow to the source!”

Make this a Retrograde to Roar about!



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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!