We just entered the Merc Retro Pre-Shadow Sept 2020. That means we’re crossing over territory we will be re-examining during the retrograde which begins on October 13th.

Not Another Retrograde!

Those of us who practice shamanism will be taking Journeys to upgrade our shamanic tool boxes and energy cleansing routines.

It’s like building up muscles and endurance for a marathon, and the terrain is some rough country.

What’s Going To Happen?

This could be another highly emotional retrograde that overlaps the last month of the election cycle.

Both Mercury and Mars in retrograde means we’ll be digging even deeper within. We’re going to be shining a light on more of those core Shadows.

More? What Hell Is This Year Anyway?

I know it feels like we’ve already done this. The effect of walking through our community Shadows has opened deeper trauma that it’s time to reveal and heal. Scorpio, the sign through which Mercury will be retrograding, demands no less and that.

We are taking ourselves apart to reveal the truth. This is the true meaning of “apocalypse,” to unveil what has been unhidden. This work turns further inward in this Merc Retro Pre-Shadow Sept 2020.

Now is that time to thoughtfully remember your heart connections and gently nourish and honor them. And, especially, we want to tend to our relationship with ourselves.

Make this your loving, compassionate practice.



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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!