Loving Choices, Meaningful Actions

Ultimately Venus in Capricorn, and especially retrograde, instigates a deep review of our loving choices and meaningful actions. And on Christmas Day, December 25, the Love Goddess aligns with Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto.  He drives  the “Practicality with Spirituality Seagoat” Capricorn energy even deeper.


The masks, stories and superficial can’t stand the scrutiny and fall away, especially around our preconceived notions of love, relationships, and what we value in our lives.

Venus asks, “What do you love and value?” and Pluto asks, “What needs to die so you can live that truth?” 

With these realizations we shift our priorities and how we walk our lives right now and into the year of Love and Relationships, 2022


So what are loving choices? For me, I’ve been calendar down-sizing, choosing “less,” going within, and asking those disturbing questions of how I have chosen to be here for me and for others, questions that rock me to my foundations. This has been a painful self-inquiry that is fitting for my second Saturn return.


This holiday season many of us have chosen to buy fewer or no gifts, display minimal decorations, and step back from the frenzy of activities we craved or at least caved to in past years. Phone calls and personal connections bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. After two years of Covid-caused social restrictions and political conflicts my empathic self is raw and hungry for hugs and love. And I know I’m not alone.


Maybe being intensely present is the “gift in the wound,” as my old therapist used to say, the bit of gold glinting in the looming shadows. And it’s exhausting, this overwhelm of massive shadow feelings like fear, anger, disappointment, grief, dread, and pain. Being here now means being with all of them, and some of us are just plain worn out.


So, as Stern TaskMaster Saturn and Rebel Genius Uranus complete their trio of challenges (squares) on Christmas Eve, the dirty mirror is wiped, and we can see where we are going, what changes to make, and how to do that. We can both know and adjust, be clear and flexible at the same time. We can redefine loving choices and take meaningful actions that resonate from our heart and soul.

I hope you can be with loved ones, especially yourself, right now. Make this a weekend to own and love your life!

Namaste ~ Mara


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