Shamanic Weather August 7, 2022 ~ Love Triangle

NOTE: This particular Shamanic Weather article is being released to my entire email list. If you don’t normally get the Shamanic Weather, this is your opportunity to see what it is like! ALSO – I have a specialVibration of Love message social post I made on 8/5 included at the end.

This Love Triangle involves “me, myself, and I” as three major angles (geometric alignments between celestial bodies) hit within a few hours of each other on Sunday, August 7. You may have resonant experiences with other people and situations in life, but the truth is it’s all about you!

Love Triangle Point One △

Earthly Love Venus trines (balances with) Spiritual Love Neptune ~ This is a Water Trine and therefore emotional. On the light side, we find a new clarity about what matters to us in areas of who and what we care about. The shadow aspect has us idealizing a romantic (or is it really?) situation.

Love Triangle Point Two △△

Grand Trine in Fire: Outer You Sun,  Inner You Moon and Wounded Healer Chiron ~ Fire trines initiate rapid shift! Maybe you get poked in an old sore spot, and you notice you aren’t triggered. You have done some excellent shadow work, and it shows!

Love Triangle Point Three △△△

Warrior God Mars squares (challenges) Stern TaskMaster Saturn ~ So here’s the aggression, restriction and resentment that tends to arise in any “love triangle.” Mars is in Just Try To Move Me Bullish Taurus, while Saturn is retrograde (reverse course) through Quantum Connections Aquarius. What you want and what you get may be so far apart you get stuck in the moment and can’t move through or forward. 

The other two points to our Love Triangle can help balance this third. 

~ How realistic is your vision on the thing that has tripped you up? 

~ Is your attachment to what is now blocking your ability to take the steps toward what would really be a higher experience or manifestation?

~ What expectation is taking precedence over the truth of your heart?

Love Triangle - Red Sun Glyph from 13Moons

Red Sun Glyph from 13Moons

Lion’s Gate 8/8

Solving the questions of the Love Triangle helps us establish a meaningful base and intention for this year’s Lion’s Gate 8/8 manifestation. Eight is the number of infinity and abundance. When you get clear about what’s really going to work for you, that well-defined harmonic in your energy field makes you a Master Attractor!

Let’s make this a Love Triangle to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!

Bonus Post from August 5 ~ The Vibration of Love

This week especially I have been contacted by so many folks suffering from what I’ll simplify as a lack of love.

They have been overcome by the continuous negative info beamed at us combined with personal challenges such as dangerous accidents, cancer diagnoses, financial stress, and painful conditions.

If you are one of those, or know someone who is, maybe it’s time to open up those receivers for healing.

Imagine your love receptors open and love light pours in.


If you are in a place of centered love, this is the time to magnify that awareness.

The heart is a powerful transmitter of light, literally, when we are in deep meditation.

And that light can carry the vibration of love.

So if you feel the call, send the light to those who need it. Not your energy, though, but the light of love. You are serving as the Hollow Bone.

This is a powerful way we can help each other even when we don’t know who it is we are helping.


In Shamanism, intention is key. Set an intention to shine this light from your heart, your hands, your being, for those who are suffering.