This Leo Magic is strong with me. Although my Sun is in “I Love Humanity It’s People Who Make Me Crazy” Aquarius (so mystical!) my Rising and Moon signs are both in “Love Me Cuz I Love Life” Leo. So, I’m really half Leo, in a sense, and almost qualify as a Gemini with my split personality!
Today, July 22, the Sun moves into “Live Big Leo”, and I celebrate my “half-birthday.” In my chart I am self opposed like the Lunar Nodes, my Sun in the sign of my Destiny Path directly opposite my Moon and Rising in the sign of my South Node Karma, with most of my other aspects in either sign.
Thus my burn-the-candle-a-both-ends lifestyle and continuous self examination. I’m on a quest every day of my life to make the most of it, because tomorrow is NOT guaranteed, and I’m a life-lover acutely aware of this.


That’s all we ever really have. We live in the now, expanded to an hour, a day, a week, 168 hours. That’s it. Every moment counts.


My priorities are constantly updated, so I start lots of things I don’t finish. Following-up is not always my strong suit, but I try. I over schedule and struggle not to beat myself up over it. I fervently and consistently dream BIG! Then I wrangle with niggling self-doubt.


I am the Ultimate Muse, a dangerous catalyst. When infected by my spirit, your life can transmute and change out of stagnation into dynamic alchemy. You’ll undoubtedly grow past me and hopefully send me updates…I joyfully reflect your greatness, and celebrate you.
Thus I proudly claim the ROAR!


My Leo Fire burns high fed by the conductive Air of my Aquarius Sun, ever giving and bright. Seriously, just think about it. Our personal star, Sol the Sun, shines 24-7. It Never Stops! This is a potent, dangerous, and exhilarating combination. As I enter my second Saturn Return – yup – I can’t imagine who I will be on the other side.
So I hope some of this excitement about being here on Terra Firma touches you. This world is evolving through such social and paradigm upheaval it defies description. But, we chose to be here, we brave souls. Somewhere we got the mad idea we could do this. Well, I believe we can.
This rebirthing process can seriously hurt, enchant, frustrate, delight and destroy us, but we are facing it, separately and together.
Thank you for reading what I share. I am ever grateful for you joining me in group events, personal healing sessions, and various initiations and trainings. I’m in gratitude to you for making it possible for me to live in my passion, doing my “work.”
Cuz I’m living my soul purpose and I feel it! And I hope you can embrace and surrender to yours.
Make this a life to Roar about!
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Art: Mara Of Course by Deborah Grace Photography
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