Hidden Shadows Full Moon Eclipse

Shamanic Weather: The Hidden Shadows Full Moon Eclipse both hints and illuminates key emotional truths you’ll want to track and reveal. Why? Let’s take a look!


How You Feel Moon waxes full in “It’s All About Us” Libra, and activates the Dragon’s Tail South Node. Here is our Karmic burden, what trails behind us, the issues we came to this life to work through, the old self we are evolving from.


Across the sky, How You Shine Sun shoots solar flares and blows solar winds at us, literally lighting up the night sky in auroral displays as well as the usual Full Moon reflection. The Sun is in “It’s All About Me” Aries and aligned with the Dragon’s Head Destiny Path North Node. We feel the push to “do, do, do,” even if we aren’t sure exactly where to start or what our goal is.


Because this is a penumbral eclipse, the visual effect is subtle. The Moon never passes directly through Earth’s shadow, but skirts the edge, the penumbra. 

Hidden shadows lurk behind the overall full moon brightness and can be easily overlooked. The mystery above reflects the secrets within us, though. As we enter this Eclipse Transformation Tunnel, it’s time to unlock our own Aries/Libra questions and dive into the emotional quandaries of relationships with others and ourselves.


The Nodes of the Moon (two points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic, the imaginary line around the Earth denoting the Sun’s path across the sky) shift about every 18 months. They represent our past (South Node) and where we are heading (North Node). 

South Node Libra – Where We Come From

Hidden shadows hold tight jawed repression. What are you holding onto? How has this relationship issue become part of your identity? What would happen if you truly let go?

North Node Aries – Where We Are Going

Follow your intuition to find the light. Only you know your truth! What are you ready to claim for yourself? What will change if you put yourself first?

Beneath the hidden shadows lies a deep heart of truth ready to emerge in the growing light of awareness.

Hidden Shadows Full Moon Eclispe Autumnal Equinox 2020

by Jean Luis Husson


Incorporate a personal question and answer session into your usual Full Moon ritual. 

The Full Moon occurs at 12 am PDT March 25, 2024, and the eclipse reaches maximum 12 minutes later. But, you can hold your ceremony at any time on 3/24 and 3/25 with the intention of accessing this powerful energy.

Make this a Hidden Shadows Lunar Eclipse to Roar about!


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!