Heart-Based Life Cancer New Moon

(The Heart-Based Life has been such a vivid focus in my work with clients, especially this week. Expect more on this topic from me in the future! Also, the Guided Journey I promised to release won’t be due to technical difficulties, including helicopters circling overhead and neighborhood excitement.)

The Cancer New Moon calls you to your authentic, heart-based life. Even if it appears your heart has led you down the wrong path in the past, or even now, go deeper still. You’ll come to your truth with a crystal clarity that makes all these trials and adventures well worth it.

I’m Feeling So Much Lately

Love Goddess Venus, now in Big Hearted Leo, is going through some changes lately, so don’t be surprised if your ideas of love, loyalty, and finances all go through multiple changes.

You can partially blame Rebel Genius Uranus. He challenges Venus regarding any conventional thoughts around love and finances in an aspect we call a Square. It can be confusing but also help interrupt unconscious, self-limiting beliefs and patterns. Time to make a change!

A New Direction In Love?

Could be! Warrior God Mars activates strong attraction, passion, and wanting to be seen as Venus draws closer to their lusty rendezvous on July 16. You are certainly craving a change!

Thankfully, Wounded Healer Chiron offers soothing balm for your heart core wounds around love in a still lingering and balancing trine with Venus, so you are ready to be heart-based life brave!

Plus, Chiron’s active dance with Stern TaskMaster Saturn empowers you to address any unfinished business in the origin of heart wounds with diligence and patience. 

This Heart-Based Life Feels Big!

Yes, with big feelings! Right now you may not “understand” them. But you need to let them flow, or your self-imposed emotional dam will eventually burst. 

Heart-based life

For This New Moon

Listen to your heart. What is it telling you? Even if the information appears to conflict, or sound ridiculous, or make you cringe, just listen. Somewhere in all that churn is your truth, what you really need and believe and treasure and desire.  

See all those feelings pour out into a pool of roiling, murky water that grows as large as it needs. Then imagine it turning clear and pristine. Let your emotions become the pure energy that feeds and nurtures the seeds of your dreams for this next month, maybe even this next year until the 2022 Cancer New Moon.

Why not? Live the heart-based life and create space for all you can possibly dream in!

Make this a New Moon to Roar and Purr about.

Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

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