Shamanic Weather December 6, 2023 – Heart Agitation 

Folks have reached out about having the feels, edginess, heart agitation. 

In a quick social post on Monday I mentioned that Love Goddess Venus moved into Dark Seas Scorpio, one of her signs of detriment. 

When that happens, our hearts and financial resources feel unsupported. Yet we yearn, aching with our Scorpio activated desires for heightened passion and rich security.

And Outer You Sun bristles with spiky solar flares that spew charged plasma and solar holes blasting solar winds at Mother Earth. Near the poles the skies awe us with auroral lights as all this concentrated energy ionizes, literally excites the atoms in our outer atmosphere. 

So imagine your own aura being over-stimulated by all this energy. Your vulnerable areas take the biggest hit, especially around money/job and relationships/love since those are Venusian territory. 

And, with the rebirth powers of Scorpio’s spiritual aspect, the Phoenix, you can rise from the flames of burning out to take your new form.

From the fires and shadows we emerge, again and again. Through this tempering process we learn more about taking care of ourselves and being present with our  wisdom.

Solar Maximum is predicted to be reached in 2025. So we have more time to practice.

Be gentle with others and your own heart.

Namaste ~Mara 

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Image: artist unknown