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Receive or share healing love with the May 26 Full SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse. So much is going on it can be both exhilarating and exhausting. I know I really had to pull back my energy over the weekend and even go to bed before the sky was fully dark Sunday night. So if you have been especially tired, you aren’t alone. 


Here’s why: A CME (coronal mass ejection) erupted from Good Ol’ Sol, our Sun, on 5/22/21. This hits Earth on 5/25/21, but if you are a soul committed to transpersonal healing love (what I call a Thunderbird) then you have been on duty in the dream time helping to transmute any damaging waves and also extracting the data hidden in them. The Sun and Mother Earth have very active communications and some of us are the receivers, alchemists and translators!


Wait, there’s more! The Oh I Just Thought Of This! Gemini Moon pulls us toward our Destiny, while Ever Try To Make A Bull Move? Taurus Sun illuminates our Open Karmic wounds. That’s what happens when we have an eclipse in these two signs. We double down on this “can I overcome my past?” mood.

Well, can you? On Sunday, May 23, 2021 Stern Taskmaster Saturn “stopped” (stationed retrograde) in his ancient sign of rulership, Humanitarian Visionary Aquarius. Under his tutelage we are about to go even deeper into issues of discipline, restriction, and rebellion for about the next four months.


Well, let’s work on that. Love Goddess Venus tangos into a challenging step with her higher expression, Mystic or Addict Neptune, so we could feel enlightened, deceived or both. She’s currently soaring wildly “out of bounds” through the electric charged sign of Gemini, while Neptune continues to feel empowered in his sign of rulership, There Is No Spoon Pisces

You may be tempted to go out of bounds with your purchases, your commitments, and maybe even your mouth (Mercury Retrograde pending)! Empowerment King Jupiter magnifies the effect, cuz that’s his job, so it’s best to be super aware and thoughtful of where your time, money, and energy (LOVE) are flowing as we enter Retrograde Season and the Eclipse Transmutation Portal.


Depends upon where you live and if you can stay awake get up early to see it! This link shows more.

Healing love May 26 2021 Eclipse from Shadow and Substance

from Shadow and Substance

There is so much more to this eclipse! Messenger Mercury turns retrograde May 29 in his home sign of Gemini. With all this Karmic and Healing Love energy stirred up, opportunities for miscommunication and unintended consequences abound. 


Ah, well, as usual I’m going to recommend we stop, breathe, and open our hearts before we respond to anything or anyone that triggers anger or other shadow feelings. Likewise, give yourself time to ponder deeply before making that big purchase or jumping into that old relationship again. 

We dance with BIG energy all week. Be kind to yourself, to others, and try very hard not to take things too personally. 

Make this a Healing Love Full Moon Eclipse to Roar (or Purr) about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!

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