Gentle Grounding Weekend

After all the intensity lately, you deserve a gentle grounding weekend. 

Friday night Purr With Me Leo Moon may activate desires for attention and instigate some drama-ish situations, but Saturday morning Practical Service Virgo Moon steps in to help soothe your nerves and get grounded again.

So later in the day when Warrior God Mars sextiles (lights a fire with) Rebel Genius Uranus, you are ready to take action. 

What Kind Of Action?

Right now, Mars is moving through the Water Sign of Everybody Needs A Hug Cancer

That means you could feel at war with your own feelings (shadow), or those pesky emotions are actually inciting you to make a change (light)! Uranus in the Earth Sign of Bullish On Feeling Good Taurus is MORE than happy to help with creative and original ways and solutions for you.

Keep the Gentle Grounding Weekend mindset going through Sunday, selecting the activities (or none!) that help you settle your nervous system and feel more balanced. Use the abundant Earth energy freely, cuz…

Don’t Tell Me

Monday, I’m Gonna Shake You Up Pluto stations (stops to turn) Retrograde right on that 0° of My Third Eye Is A Quantum Crystal Aquarius, and yes, while we are still in the Eclipse Transformation Tunnel until the May 4 / 5 New Moon Lunar Eclipse!

The 0° of any sign is bursting with the power and potential of that sign. Aquarius wants to transcend conflict and create community, while Pluto’s job is to take everything apart to make room for the new. 

You may feel as if you are standing on the precipice of big change but too afraid to jump! It’s a background hum that gets really loud at times, especially on Monday, May 1 2023.

Celestial urgency Gentle Grounding Weekend

Star Goddess by Mary Ancilla Martinez

I’ve Been Hearing That!

Let your Gentle Grounding Weekend give you a chance to catch your breath, especially sensitive folk. Stick your feet in the soil. Get the sun on your face. Take naps. We prepare for the next wave.

Choose kindness and make this a Gentle Grounding Weekend for you!

Namaste ~ Mara

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