Full Super Moon – Karmic CLock

This is article 3 of 3. See Epic Pluto Return and Emotional Storms Weekend to get the full picture for the Karmic Clock experience we are having this week

Your soul feels the Karmic Clock strike midnight during the Full Super Moon this week. Although the alignment occurs July 13 at 11:37 am PST, we’ve been saturated with the self-illuminating energies for weeks.


Karma is nothing more than what we bring to each moment. At our figurative midnight, a new day begins. We reset. Perhaps we resist the change, but it’s happening.


I love saying that! Epic Pluto Return activations continue to rock through you while Get To Work Capricorn Sun opposes the Where Is The Love? Cancer Moon. Emotional storms may trap you in whirlpools of what-if’s OR cleanse your doubt, getting you ready for that deep soul change upon us all.


Quantum Rebel Uranus is conjunct with the Destiny Path North Node in I’m Sticking With What Works Taurus. Expect the unexpected! If you were musing over a change in your life path in a big way, don’t be surprised. Earthly Love Venus Trine (balancing with) Stern Authoritarian Saturn shows you what you love is possible, but her square (challenge) with her Spiritual counterpart, Ascension or Addiction Neptune, reminds you to be sure the changes you are evaluating are in agreement with your Higher Self.


You know those crazy ideas you have been having? Write them down on separate slips of paper. As you do this, consider the energy signature of each bit of info. 

Does this idea scare you? Make you smile? Excite you? Poke at some unworthiness button?

Only after you have explored the emotions (Cancer) and thoughts (Capricorn) around each idea, say thank you, and let them go. Burn them in the fire! Free yourself of all attachments to outcomes, and keep in mind a) for my highest and best good and, if you already have a strong desire about your future, b) I’d like this ________ or better.

The Karmic Clock is in a massive reset, and we are at a crucial point with this Super Full Moon to exercise our free will!

Make this a Full Moon to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

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