Fresh Start Aries Equinox – Shamanic Weather

At 2:24 PM Pacific Time on 3/20/23 the Fresh Start Aries Equinox goes exact. Outer You Sun transits (moves) into the first sign of the Zodiac, “First In Line” Aries.

And, less than 24 hours later, Outer You Sun and Inner You Moon align at 0° Aries for a super charged Aries New Moon.

The close nature of these two major alignments at 0° Aries exponentially magnifies your potential, if not desire, for radical change, major movement, and over the top creativity.


I’m with you on that. Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto, currently poised on the very edge of No Boundaries, Please, Pisces, sextiles (positively activates with) Outer You Sun barely an hour before. When the Star of Self dances with the Planet of Change Through Death, you tap into deep reservoirs of sexual magic and fate-changing choices. 


What you DO with such potency is what determines its value.

Love Goddess Venus can help you out there. She’s currently in her home sign, “That Feels Good Don’t Stop” Taurus. And, she’s conjunct (aligned with) Destiny Path North Node. So your attraction factor for what you want is further enhanced.


It doesn’t end today, tomorrow, or even next week. A part of you resonates with this call to uplevel, begin the new “thing” you know would be good for you, make that change that deeply shifts your whole life.

Because on 3/24, Pluto enters World Vision Aquarius for the first time since 1778 to 1798.

And what we thought was an incredibly fast-paced world reinvention gets turbo-charged.

The Fresh Start Equinox marks a balancing between day and night, light and dark, past and future. Enjoy this brief pause. 

Gather the excitement of new beginnings to engage with over and over again throughout the year.

Make this an Equinox to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Art: Syuka Taupe

Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!