Shamanic Weather – Fertile Dreams Taurus New Moon

Enjoy the best of Taurus season and indulge in your fertile dreams and passionate desires! Cosmic power players (Five planets AND the North Node) line up to assist you in working with the best aspects of the most sensual sign of the Zodiac during the days of, before and after the New Moon on May 19, 2023.

Fertile Dreams Drop In

How You See Me Sun and How I’m Feeling Inside Moon conjunct (join) at the very end of Taurus season. We are reminded to take these last few days before the Lightning Strikes energy of Gemini takes over. 

Do your best to find time to laze about in your soul’s favorite relaxing setting, and engage in daydreaming and personal contemplation.

Sensuous Sextiles

In the true spirit of the Taurus Bull’s love of pleasure, the conjoined Sun and Moon sextile (positively activate) with power players on either side of them: Guru Vibe Neptune in Blissful Seas Pisces, and Take Action Mars in Here’s A Hug Cancer. Yes, my dear astro-knowing folks, that means Mars and Neptune are in a very favorable trine (positive balance).

From delicious physicality to extremely satisfying artistic expression, yumminess is on the menu.

Snappy T-Square (Isosceles Triangle)

The Dragon’s Head Destiny Path North Node and Empowerment King Jupiter conjunct (align with each other) in Enjoy Yourself Taurus. They form the apex of the T-Square and amplify the Taurean message to get back into alignment with your body, money and what brings you joy.

Holding one corner of the T-Square is the Dark Lord of Transformation, Pluto. At 0° of Quantum Connections Aquarius, he both promises and menaces and is in exact square to Jupiter. The only thing certain is the structures that impede progress are coming down. You can see how that would excite some, and terrify others.

Opposite Pluto and at the third corner of this Fertile Dreams alignment is Mars, feeling moody while swimming at the final, or anaretic degree, of Cancer. In this position this planet of war is more likely to go on strike than directly attack. His contribution is to help you move through the emotionality to find purpose and motivation (cuz he’s looking for that, too, and the next day after the New Moon he jumps into the fiery den of Leo the Lion) .

Your Fertile Dreams Activation

Take this excellent celestial medicine and take inventory on how your values about your possessions and relationships have changed, adjust your goals and plans, and use it to integrate all the incredible (and numerous!) 2023 experiences and shifts you’ve been through. Always, do such things with kindness.

Then, face North (great way to connect with the North Node) and ask to be in alignment with your soul’s calling. Ask for messages, signs and guidance that reflect the truth you already know lives within you.

As part of this work, Messenger Mercury sextile (positive activation) with Stern TaskMaster Saturn highly suggests you write, draw, paint – find ways to really plant the seeds of your Fertile Dreams and tend them as they germinate and grow.

This is an exciting time where profound activation energy abundantly flows!

Make this a Taurus New Moon to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!