When Neptune AND Venus align with heavenly aspects on the same day you KNOW Feminine Empowerment is a hand.


Both planets represent the Divine Feminine. “Love Goddess” Venus vibrates to our personal love matters, while “Spiritual Guru” Neptune expands to our spiritual understanding, or neediness, around Love.


On June 11 2020, a Universal 3 day, we are encouraged to network and expand. Venus is still retrograding through “Did You See That” Gemini and sextiles “Wounded Healer” Chiron today. That’s an opportunity to step up from our personal healing and share our you-can-heal-this-too” high vibe. 

AND – Neptune, still marinating in his most favorite sign “Who Needs Boundaries” Pisces, squares “This is YOU” Sun in “Do You Believe In Parallel Universes” Gemini. We get to come into some accountability with our commitments to ourselves, or suffer the consequences of delusion and addiction. Pick your poison.


Oh, the sweet and dangerous magic of the feminine aspect sees how the dark is delicious, potent, and fertile. When we own that shadow and bend it to our benefit from the consciousness of creation, we are literally transmuting lead into gold. 


We are, as a world-wide community, in the great reveal. We travel through pre-shadow “I’ve Got Something To Say” Mercury in Gemini gathering the pieces of what we’ll work on during the electrifying retrograde (starts June 18). All this societal take-apart becomes the raw material stewing in our collective brew. The cauldron structure is the masculine straining to contain the alchemy, while the feminine alchemizes the brew’s elements into something new. 

Or is it the other way around? No matter, the duality becomes one in transforming our obsolete remnants into new foundations for this evolving reality.


Yeah, it’s that big. So today’s cosmic influences mean creativity bubbles while productivity may flounder. You have permission to allow that and not make yourself crazy because you didn’t get something done. And, recognize that the shadow of Neptune is to succumb to your delusions and addictions, so it’s a good plan to be attentive to that. 

We have massive potential cooking as we continue through the Eclipse Transformation Tunnel.

Make this a time of change to ROAR about!



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