June wraps up with another double whammy weekend. Last weekend we changed seasons and leapt through a new moon solar eclipse dimensional doorway. This served to shoot us down the second half of a three eclipse transformational tunnel. Then, to keep us busy through the week, Love Goddess Venus completed her Divine Feminine, eighteen month cycle and turned to face her next adventure in “I Have So Many Questions” Gemini. 

Finally, on Friday Warrior God Mars and the Destiny Path North Node clashed in a “Face The Future” Square, and  your focus now moves outward. Do you feel your engines revving, your irritation quotient elevated? Uber-activated yang energy pushes you to get going!


Whammy 1: 

On Saturday Warrior God Mars rises to leave the “Go With The Flow” water sign of Pisces and light up in “Let’s Get Started” fiery Aries. That’s quite a relief for this archetype of movement and decision who has been feeling a bit trapped with lots of inner processing. 


“Let’s Get Together” Libra Moon urges you to get out and socialize. Add to this energy mix the “Wanna Hug?” Gemini Sun influence, and that physical distancing is really hard to maintain!


Whammy 2: 

On Sunday Mars charges ahead with the full power of the Aries Ram to experience active empowerment (sextile) with Stern TaskMaster Saturn in “Quantum Change” air sign Aquarius. You feel motivated and ready, whether it’s tackling a backyard project or packing up for a spontaneous life relocation. Both planets dance on the “New Beginnings” edge of their current signs. So, Aquarian “anything is possible” wind whips the soul fire of Aries up high! 


We’ll get an additional booster on June 30 when “Empowerment King” Jupiter aligns with “Dark Lord Of Chaos” Pluto for the second of three conjunctions this year. We won’t see this kind of energy release for another 13 years! Now, some folks will go ego-overboard and put on their biggest pair of controlly-pants, but most of us will find these alignments help us feel better about all the massive changes we’ve been through and are ahead of us.

We made it through the first six months of world shifting, foundation busting 2020. Let’s make this a halftime show to ROAR about!



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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!