Dangling Dreams Pisces Mermaid by Lampros Kalfuntzos

Shamanic Weather May 10, 2018

Dangling Dreams

By Mara Clear Spring Cook

The Universe is dangling dreams before you like bait on a hook. Your Inner Bliss Fish pokes at the amorphous cloud of sparkling possibilities and perhaps decides to nibble.

Or, maybe not! It’s a shamanic and astrological challenge to decide. Dreamy Pisces Moon keeps that Inner Bliss Fish swimming between delightful, pleasurable  distractions, empowering self awareness, and nagging, is-this-really-what-I-want questions. Sigh. Those dangling dreams are still too intangible to securely bite.

Fiery Uranus Retrograde - Uranus-Retrograde-Set-Yourself-Free-Blog

We are just five days away from a Potent Taurus New Moon followed swiftly by Mad Genius Uranus transiting into Slow and Steady Taurus, then squaring Warrior God Mars who is feeling really antsy as HE prepares to move into Humanitarian Aquarius. That’s EXPLOSIVE power. I can’t imagine what will happen, but it may literally rock the world!

So although it feels hard, begin untangling those dangling dreams. What. Do. You. Really. Want? If all that energy is about to release, why not have an available opening to receive and direct it in your favor?


The process of creation begins with intention, germinates with energy and grows through favorable alignment and right action. Each phase is important and deserves focus and time for the best possible outcome.

Make this a day to ROAR about!



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Art: by Lampros Kalfuntz

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!


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