Shamanic Weather October 14, 2023

Dangerous Choices Libra New Moon Eclipse

It’s time to make those dangerous choices as Inner You Moon aligns with Outer You Sun, in Let’s Get Together And Talk Libra, for the Ring Of Fire New Moon annular eclipse October 14, 2023.

Eclipses occur in pairs, and rarely, triples, to open a Transformation Tunnel of powerful and lasting change.

And the kernel catalyst of that shift process emerges from the Node of Fate that the Moon and Sun are crossing (that’s why they eclipse, they overlap).

And this time they trigger the archetypal energies of the Karmic South Node, what we bring to this life from our history.


Libra Balance

Libra New Moon seeks companionable balance between opposing energies. And since the results and unfinished business of the past are up for review, you may be examining the perhaps once hidden dangerous choices that define your current situation.

In an annular eclipse the Moon is farther away, too small to completely block the sun. We see (don’t look at it, though!) an eerie ring of fire wreath the black orb of the moon.


Making Dangerous Choices

Your emotional center (Moon) is trying to balance with how you show up (Sun). And the Sun can’t be ignored.

So you may have to make dangerous choices, like stepping away from relationships that aren’t fulfilling, or going deeper into ones that do.

Libra is, after all, about relationships. And change often feels…dangerous.

Enter the Eclipse Season Transformation Tunnel with your Shamanic Eye turned inward. Meditate on past relationships and your past you are bringing into current relationships.

Journaling helps you ground your observations and realizations as you succumb to the elemental air magic of Libra. Anchor your commitment to make essential changes and flow with, not fight through, this next two weeks.


Make this a Libra New Moon Eclipse to Roar about!


Namaste ~ Mara Clear Spring

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Munay-Ki Mentor


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