On April 8, 2024, between 10 am and 12:20 pm PDT, we all will experience a Cosmic Reset during the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries. Make the reset yours by choice, not default, by opting to remain open and ready for downloads, insights, and profound change.


An Eclipse is a point of reckoning, a benchmark of before and after, a reset of what was into what it is now.

During a Solar Eclipse, How You Feel Moon blocks How You Shine Sun and casts a shadow across the Earth that we all feel, even if we can’t see it. This eclipse is at the North Node, which means it affects your destiny path and forces a reset.


Right now, nearly all the major heavenly bodies we prioritize in astrology are jammed together in the signs of Boldly Go Wherever The Hell I Want To Aries and Sex And Chocolate Are A Good Way To Die Pisces

All those archetypal energies are intermixing and alchemizing

Pisces ends a 12 month cycle, and Aries begins the next. 

We dance between wanting to sink into endless pleasures and setting off on our own hero’s journey.


Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipse Transformation Tunnel overlap, complicating the energy experience exponentially. So, let’s try a simple plan for our personal Cosmic Reset.

First, take a look at what has been happening for you since Mercury began its Pre-Shadow period on March 25. Make note of a few key items.

Next, draft a brief intention for clarity, resolution, direction, or some other natural progression of what you identified. 


~ Groan, I have to pay more taxes than I thought I would. I want to understand why. Then, I want to make a plan to improve this situation.

~ Yikes, I have a health problem! I need to get clear about what’s going on. Then, I want to pursue the program for healing that feels right for me.

~ Woo hoo, I’ve met someone new! Am I repeating an unsuccessful pattern, or is this a breakthrough for me? I want to open a new consciousness and participation in this potential exploration.


Then, on April 8, set time aside during the Eclipse to be quiet, breathe and receive your Cosmic Reset. 

Seek the quietest, most peaceful place you can find. You can have your notes with you. 

Yes, you can (with proper safety measures) watch the eclipse progress, but keep your mind as empty and quiet as possible.

Get loose and open. If you notice tightness or worry, breathe into it. Listen for messages, feel for the downloads, allow any images or ideas to arrive naturally.

Spend time afterward journaling.


This proto-seed is yours to nurture, as a potential, but it’s not time to plant it. Keep adding ideas. Do some research. Let it gently become more defined.

On April 20, Let’s Super Size That For You Jupiter aligns with Crazy Like A Fox Uranus to liberate massive potential for your Cosmic Reset. Let that wild magic infuse your proto-seed with potential so when Mercury stations (stops to turn) direct on April 25, you bring your dream alive in the 3D world. You’ve created the form in which the massive potential can manifest. That’s solid magic!

Make this a Cosmic Reset Solar Eclipse to Roar about!


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!


Art by Mara with MJ