Cosmic Clean-Up Virgo New Moon

When the Cosmic Clean-Up Virgo New Moon occurs at 6:39 PM PDT on 9/14/23, you’ll feel even MORE supported in your desire to clear out old, unwanted stuff and bring in good fortune and vibes.

Virgo New Moon is a neat and practical energy, and coupled with Messenger Mercury stationing (appearing to stop) direct (return to normal orbital direction) in Purity Ain’t Easy But Necessary Virgo, is exponentially empowered to express Her desire to bring clarity and purpose to, oh, everything.

Loving Life In Leo Venus continues to retrace her steps through the sign of the Fiery Lion Heart. She’s in her post retrograde shadow now and ready to square (challenge) Empowerment King Jupiter, currently in Feels Good Right Here Taurus

Even in challenge, these two Benefics (auspicious signs) easily stir up warm, life-is-better-with-you-in-it vibes.

You have some powerful “I can do this!” energy to work with for this Virgo New Moon!

Grand Earth Trine

The Virgo New Moon trines (favorably balances) with Mad Genius Uranus in Taurus and World Breaker Pluto in Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan Capricorn. Their angles to each other form an equilateral triangle which represents balanced power, in this instance, Earth. So plant your seeds of New Moon creation deeply in firm soil so that they grow roots and thrive.

Dark Shadows

A Finger Of God Yod (a powerful acute triangle) points to Black Moon Lilith as your pivot point between what you fear and what you wish. How are you your own Shadow? How can you embrace that darkness and learn how it has made you strong? Are you denying your own sovereignty?

Cosmic Clean-up

Venus conjuncting (aligning with) That’s Right I’m Queen Juno further feeds the wise Crown Crone energy surrounding us. Whatever you are dreaming in for yourself with this New Moon Cycle, consult with Earth Mother/Goddess/She for Her blessings and guidance.

Make this a Cosmic Clean-Up Virgo New Moon to Dream About!

Namaste ~ Mara

Thank you for reading and sharing! Let me know what you think and what YOU are calling in for this delicious New Moon.

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Image by Mara/MJ

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!