Shamanic Weather – Consciousness Opening Pisces Full Moon

(Shamanic Full Moon Ceremony Below!)

You’ll feel your consciousness opening exponentially with this Full Moon in “You Can’t Contain Me” Pisces on 9/10/22. Spiritual Water Sign Pisces raises the heart nature of Cancer and the mental nature of Scorpio up into the Soul Level. And magic ensues!


“Spiritual Guru” Neptune rules Pisces and will be in conjunction (alignment) with the Moon just 12 hours after it goes full. They magnify your ability to see beyond the barriers your mind believes in. You overflow with activations, openings, downloads and, also, challenges. 

There will always be a subset of the population that won’t feel this, and that’s ok, but most of us will be affected personally in ways that are unique to our own gifts and life stories.


The infamous “Stern TaskMaster” Saturn square (challenge) with “Rebel Awakener” Uranus is within a 2 degree orb (measurement of angles and alignments). That’s really close and disturbs, ok shakes, our core beliefs around what we think we trust as real in this world. Expect the unexpected when Uranus shows up.

 With Uranus still conjunct (aligned with) the “Destiny Path” North Node, we can, or must, be ready to make changes to what we thought was in the future for us. Innovation and new possibilities unfold.

And “Messenger” Mercury is only 6 ½ hours into the Retrograde (appearing to reverse course) he began on 9/9/22. See my Authentic Beauty Shamanic Weather for more on that. But, as an additional comment to what I shared there:

What’s authentic may not be pretty as you spew emotionally charged words that have bypassed your brain and heart filters, or do the ugly cry thing. But these releases work to help you come back to your soul center and make way for the upleveling, the new possibilities, the expanding psychic abilities and creativity.

Consciousness Opening sometimes involves working through the complicated, messy layers. 

You can use the Virgo Sun energy to help you stick with it while the Pisces Moon melts your resistance. 


Use Water Ceremony to help you clear out any clogged pipes and allow healing and creativity to flow.

Create Your Altar

Set up an altar with items that represent the four elements

  • Earth – Salt, petrified wood, sand, tree bark all work.
  • Air – Feather or bird totem
  • Water – bowl of water If you have infused water from previous Full Moons, you can add it to purified water to fill a small bowl by two thirds. 
  • Fire – A Candle is common.

Add more items to represent the Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon, plus anything else that is relevant to you and your particular spiritual practices.

And, have a small crystal or stone that will easily fit into your bowl.

Smudge yourself (clear your energy field top to bottom with Palo Santo or Sage, etc)

Light your candle.

Open Sacred Medicine Space – call in your Spiritual Allies.

Connect with your altar. See the lines of light flowing between everything, a sacred bubble around you..

Ask the Spirit of Water and the Archetype of Pisces for assistance. 

Breathe blessings over the water, and invite your Shamanic Allies to activate healing and clearing energy in the water.

Take your stone, crystal, or shell small enough to fit in the bowl and hold it in your hands.

Raise it to your lips, and breathe/speak your desire to breakthrough and receive. Release blockages such as thought patterns, heart scars, and physical restrictions into the stone. 

When you are ready, drop it into the water, offering gratitude for any changes and gifts you may receive either shortly or down the road.

Leave the bowl out under the Full Moon (9/9 to 9/11) for at least one night. 

To complete the ceremony, you pour the contents including the stone onto the Earth. Water a plant or tree with it, offering gratitude, love, and acceptance that change is happening. Yes, you can retrieve and clear the crystal to use another time.

Be sure you keep a Dream Journal next to your bed from now on, as this Consciousness Opening Pisces Full Moon energy continues to ripple in and out through the end of the year.

Make this a Full Moon to Roar about!

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Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!