Complex and layered, the Ask More Questions Gemini New Moon ignites the illusive darkness with lightning bolts of insight.

We awaken to face to face self examination, and the questions begin.


The Gemini New Moon is at 10:58 am PST, but you can do this any day of your life! However, ride the current power wave into the weekend, and see if you can do this by Sunday.

Create your own altar with symbols that invoke your relationship to spirituality. I use symbols for the elements and whatever calls to me from my personal collection of sacred stones, feathers, statues, and more.

Smudge yourself and the area. I use Palo Santo or Sage.

Invite your Ancestors, Power Animals, and Spiritual Allies to protect you. I always include Mother Earth and Father Sky.

#1 What Do I Really Want?

First “Messenger Mercury” conjuncts “Love Goddess Venus”. Her retrograde status has us reviewing our values around love, money and what feels good anyway. So with the Gemini Twins Vibe and Mercury playing Coyote Trickster our ideals face our shadows.

Sit with this question as part of your New Moon ceremony.

#2 How Is My Magic Manifesting?

Mercury’s quintile with “Wounded Healer” Chiron catalyzes the alchemy of recognizing how you have pulled your personal Excalibur from its magical stone prison. What has awakened for you from your own healing process?

#3 What Do I Do Next?

“This Is You” Sun trines “This Is What You Should Do” Saturn to illuminate clarity on the next steps to take on the path to self fulfillment.


The Super Star of this New Moon is the ruler of Gemini, Mercury. In a confrontational square with “Master of Illusions” Neptune he helps you make the insightful and tough inquiries around authority and believability. Truly this is the Ask More Questions Gemini New Moon!


As the Sun conjuncts the “Inner You” Moon, the curiosity storm implodes. 

Pick up your mirror and gaze into your own reflection. What is your soul truth? What are you accepting about yourself, and what are you denying? Update your self-identity with kindness and respect, but be willing to see and accept the shadows, too.

Complete your Ceremony with truthful, positive statements about who you are and what you are inviting into your life with the New Moon creation energy.

Make an offering of gratitude to your Spiritual Allies. Maybe you can pour a little water on the Earth and let the Sun kiss your face.



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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!