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Shamanic Weather November 16, 2016

Void Moon Brain Spasms

You could feel like your mind is having Brain Spasms. Overstimulation plus the Void of Course Moon in Gemini cast that surreal, we’re-not-in-Kansas-anymore glow over everything.

And…we’re not! Wounds of the past, hungry ghosts of past lives, and global patterns of human against human are playing loudly right now.


Empathic people over-resonate to the collective cacophony when the volume blares too high for too long. Rest. Reduce your expectations of yourself. Step outside of the situation. When you get overwhelmed, ask that valuable question:

“Is this mine?”

Most likely not! To regain your equilibrium and recover from brain spasms, return to best practices:

Tree Medicine – hug, climb, lean against, stand in Tadasana.

Cry to Release – Have a friend hold space if that works for you and your friend.

Rock the Rage – Scream into a rock and hurl it into the ocean, into a ravine, down a waterfall.

Check Out From Thinking – Jello-brain it with binge watching that show you have been meaning to catch up on.

Free Form Journaling – Check out Morning Pages and do them any time of the day.

Pet Therapy – Love up your furry child.

Human Contact – Be sure you touch, get hugs. We ground through skin contact.

Meditate or Journey – I had another request for the Disconnect from the Pain Body guided journey. Here is the Disconnect From The Pain Body Guided Journey.mp3.

When Grandmother Moon enters Cancer late this afternoon our compass naturally swings toward self-comforting and homey security. The shadow side may be an even rockier emotional state, but you have your best practices list all ready to go! And, please remember, this is a storm, not the constant weather.


We can’t stop change. We can choose how we participate, how we respond. Shredding ourselves from the inside out doesn’t help. So when we are doing that, we step off the Momentum Train and collect ourselves.

Then we choose from our entire being.

You can be the change you want to see in the world one breath at a time.

Sending everyone so much love and light,

Make this a day to Roar about!



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Art source: Soul Cloning from Fotalia.com

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Handmade Holiday Craft Faire

Tree Dragon Fetish

Saturday, November 19, 2016

12 pm to Noon

Lora “Wisdom Tree” and I will be offering handmade, shamanically juiced up Hair Feathers, Fetishes, and Fascinators!

The Tree of Life in Ocean Beach

4870 Santa Monica Ave.

Suite 1A

San Diego, California




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