Shamanic Weather Full Moon Eclipse July 2019

Karmic Emergence

These past six months of karmic emergence end with a soul path rocking Full Moon Eclipse July 16, 2019. Truth trumps denial. False foundations crumble. And lessons learned reveal the butterfly you that’s been transforming in the chrysalis of the potent Eclipse Transformation Tunnel.

I Feel That

Love Goddess Venus, sitting on the Destiny Path North Node and opposing Stern TaskMaster Saturn, embodies the soul’s desire value test on loving how we are living, who is in our lives, and where we are going. 

If your heart isn’t truly behind your choices you’ll need to course correct. And if it is you will KNOW it from the center of your being.

I Am Not Sure

Indecision is a choice in itself. So when you are unclear, review and relish what you already KNOW works for you, and get really, really grateful. Gratitude helps you reconnect with your Venusian heart values and deconstruct your react to Saturnian shoulds and shouldn’ts. 


The essence of karmic emergence means leaving behind the chrysalis where you did all that hard work. Childhood wounds may still be there in scar form but no longer have the power to control you now. 

But How?

Let’s use the story currently in the sky!

Destiny Path North Node, Outer You Sun, and Love Goddess Venus are in Come Home To Your Heart Cancer. The Full Moon Eclipse focuses on how you are living your heart’s truth.

Karmic Forces South Node, Inner You Moon, and Structural Restrictions Saturn engage the Sun from the opposite side of the sky in Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan Capricorn. This is the foundation that is both pushing you forward and, thanks to Game Changer Pluto, evolving into a new form at the same time.

Karmic emergence transcends the past and the stories from childhood that have held you back. Reveal and release the physical limitations around you, the mental traps that restrain you, and the emotional tidal waves that swamp you. The partiality of this full moon eclipse let’s you glimpse all these elements at the same time.

Karmic Emergence Full Moon Ceremony

Give yourself some time to meditate with all the revelations and changes of the past two weeks and even the past six months. Journal, dance, cry, laugh. Burn up what you are ready to leave behind, and break free of that chrysalis containing the next version of you. Pump those wings full of your reclaimed spirit and prepare to take off!

Make this a Full Moon to ROAR about!



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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!