Shamanic Weather

By Mara Clear Spring Cook

Fire Healing

I only learned we would be doing Fire Healing about ten days before our Shamanic Camp Out 2019. A few times a year we (students, families and friends) spend a day or weekend in the mountains or the desert and surrender to the heartbeat of the land. This is because shamanism is both an inside exploration and outdoor experience. Therefore saturation in the natural world replenishes our connection to the Earth and Sky. Before a trip like this I take counsel with my spiritual allies and ask, “What would be helpful to know? How shall we prepare? What is our focus for this visit?”

Water And Trees

Last year our interactions focused around trees and water. That meant we did journeys and asked for healing around water in all natural forms, especially rain and groundwater, and literally merged with the trees. We invited rain and gentle weather for the San Diego area and beyond, if possible, all with the intention of highest and best good for all concerned.

Focus On Fire Healing

And so this year my stomach clenched when I received the message to focus on Fire Healing. As someone who has grown up in the Southern California area, I’ve witnessed and been uncomfortably close to wildfires my entire life. I grew up two blocks east of an open area that burned about every other summer, so smoke obscured sunlight and falling ash became normalized for me. The reality became much more frightening and intense when as an adult and living in Laguna Beach. We were cut off by fire on all sides of us. It was a tense week.
Our Fire Healing Mandala

Personal and Transpersonal Intentions

We journeyed and asked to come into personal alignment with the spirit of fire no matter how it has manifested for us in this life or other lives. Then we walked the land, opened our shamanic eyes and ears, and stretched out beyond ourselves to include nature and beings around us. Together we created a healing mesa, a Fire Healing Mandala, built of items found in the forest. It was a dance taught to us by the trees and stones that moved through us spontaneously. No words were needed as each person found a role to play, a pinecone to place, a stick to align. Some of us chanted, hummed, or sang. I found sticks to thrum out a heartbeat that grew into a more complicated rhythm as others joined in the song of natural percussion.

Messages And Healing

Each of us took away from that ceremony and the mountain our unique gifts of messages and healing. We left a strong intention for right relationship with fire, the element of transformation, at the transpersonal level. May we weather the coming season of drying winds and woods as safely as possible. May any potential devastation be mitigated.

Fire Healing Journey

If you wish to take a Fire Healing Journey for yourself, take this Guided Journey! You can also create your own Fire Healing Mandala as part of the process. Outdoors on the land is a good place for it, but an in home altar can work as well. Yes, this can be for you, plus you can intend that your handiwork and journey help you add to the collective consciousness around healing fire around the world. Make this a day to ROAR about! Namaste, Mara I would love to see you! Schedule your session! Art: #shamanicweather #firststepshamanictraining #firehealing **Pacific time PDT (UTC-7). Use this Link Ephemeris Times are PDT (GMT-0700) Shamanic Weather DisclaimerThis is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!