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Shamanic Weather April 16 & 17, 2018 Part 1, 2018

Drama Factor

By Mara Clear Spring Cook

This week is front-loaded with so many drama factor contributors. Keep in mind some of these things will truly resonate for you, and others will sound like science fiction. Or…you may experience all of it!


Sorry. With Venus opposing Jupiter the drama factor goes WAY up. The Empowerment King is retrograde in Sting Me Once, Regret It Forever Scorpio. Our Love Goddess Venus is at home in That Feels GOOD Taurus. So when they oppose they pull out the best and the WORST of each other. Drama factor!

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If your feathers get ruffled, especially in a romantic relationship, please-please-please put the brakes on Major Decisions and We Have To Talk. Really, really bad timing. Everyone, step back and cool your jets.


Since you ask…have you noticed old wounds have been throbbing a bit, maybe lots? Ah, Wounded Healer Chiron leaves the expanded, watery subconsciousness of Pisces to venture into This Is ME Fires of Aries.

Where Pisces has us go deeply deeper and endlessly expansive into our wounds, Aries demands the WIFM quotient be met: What’s In It For Me? We may lose patience with the TIME healing takes and the lack of fix-it pills and wonder remedies.

Don’t let the Drama Factor induce needless suffering. Please remember that when a planet transits from one sign to another the days preceding, during, and after the transit are particularly intense. Lighten up on yourself – and others.


I’m sorry. We’ve all been uniquely challenged and collectively sick of it. That’s the nature of aggressive, profound growth, and nothing less is required of us to keep the lamp of awareness lit in this insane world. Thank you for signing up, for being on this Soul Train of Healing Hearts.


Tomorrow Saturn stations Retrograde in Sagittarius. And Venus and Pluto make a delicious pact. We’ll talk more then!


Our soul purpose may be simple but the path complex. Shamanic folks are more accepting of life’s twists and turns. There is an understanding that the Universe doesn’t mean it personally. Things happen. We are equipped to deal with and grow through them.

Make this a day to ROAR about!



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Art: Rise of the Divine Feminine by Dasha444 at Deviantart

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