One on One

First Session – One on One. Where it all begins: Soul Retrieval, connection with Power Animals and Guides, giving you a solid foundation for personal healing and growth. Required for personal training.

Personal Shamanic Training You are your first “patient” as you learn how to navigate the energetic world (journey), meet your guides and power animals, and develop a relationship with consciousnesses beyond human.

one on one personal shamanic trainingPersonal Training Path

Personal Shamanic Training is a one-on-one program available for students seeking rapid growth and change.

Intake – an Intake session assesses your current skill level, goals, and needs.

Training – personalized schedule built around three-session increments. At least one session per month.


Are you ready to become a Shamanic Practitioner? Do you already have a healing practice and need help growing it?

The Mentorship Program guides you into your unique expression of shamanic healing as a lifestyle and life work. You enter into a commitment with yourself, Spirit and Mara to uplevel your creative flow and expand your business to support you. Some people have moved into a new career in as little as one year. Please schedule an appointment with Mara to learn more.