Save the Dates

Watch this space for event announcements so you know about them prior to enrollment. Some of these events may already be listed, but just in case...Save the Dates!

Winter Solstice Treasure Map of Dreams - two dates! 12/11 (Zoom) or 12/20 (In Person)

Public Winter Solstice Ritual at Tree Of Life in Ocean Beach - 12/21

Your Shamanic Goddess - 1/5/24 (In Person) or 1/8/24 (Zoom)

2023 Clearing Ceremony White Elephant Exchange

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA, United States

2023 Clearing Ceremony White Elephant Gift Exchange

We begin the evening outdoors, circled up around the fire for our 2023 Clearing Ceremony

Then we finish indoors (if it’s too cold) with a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Those who have done this with me before know we can combine profound shamanic healing with outrageous fun! 

Who Can Come

You! If you enjoy bonfires, Shamanic Guided Journey, sharing laughter and drumming, and want to participate in our White Elephant Gift Exchange, then this is for you. Children who can tolerate quiet time for the ceremony and guided journey are welcome. Kids always add to the magic!

Winter Solstice Treasure Map of Dreams

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA, United States

Creating the maps as a group effort contributes to the energy infused into your Treasure Map.

You don’t need any artistic skills! This specific Treasure Map process unfolds into an exciting, physical anchor of your intentions and goals.

Join us to Celebrate the Winter Solstice and draw your 2024 Treasure Map of Dreams

Wednesday, 12/20/23 

6:30-6:55 PM Smudge & Set-up

7:00 PM Start

Indoors at Mara’s Shamanic Oasis II

Winter Solstice Public Ritual 2023

Tree of Life Metaphysical Bookstore 4870 Santa Monica Ave. Suite 1A, San Diego, CA, United States

It has been my honor to be invited to lead the Winter Solstice Public Ritual at The Tree of Life!

Once a year we experience the longest night and renewal of the light, the Winter Solstice.

Join us on this profound evening as we unite in community to both be still, and to celebrate this time of quiet, reflection, and rebirth.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

5:30pm ~ only $13

Journey Quest 2024

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA, United States

What You Will Experience:

  • Shamanic Mastery: Advance your journeying skills to traverse unseen worlds, meeting with new allies and tapping into profound sources of wisdom.
  • Divine Connection: Cultivate deeper relationships with your powerful Shamanic Allies, including Power Animals, Ancestors, and Elemental Beings, all eager to collaborate in your growth and the Earth's healing.
  • Gifts Unveiled: Discover and hone psychic abilities that reveal your unique contributions to the Age of Aquarius, enhancing personal and planetary transformations.
  • Psychopomp Work: Help souls to transition, an important aspect of shamanic practice that requires sensitivity and knowledge of the afterlife territories.
  • Healing Arts: Engage in soul retrieval, psychopomp work, and ancestral healing, 
  • Elemental Alchemy: Learn to harness the elements and celestial forces, crafting rituals that align with the energetic tides of this new age.
  • Divination Practices: Advanced divination methods that rely on shamanic principles and the assistance of spirit allies for gaining insight
  • Ecological Healing: Experience rituals and journeys for healing the Earth, addressing ecological damage, and learning from the spirits of nature.
  • Ethical Wisdom: Navigate the responsibilities of your expanded capabilities with ethical clarity and integrity, serving as a beacon of light and guidance.

First Step Shamanic Training 2024

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA, United States

First Step Shamanic Training is available in group classes, AND privately, both local and distance, by phone or online.

Enter The World of Shamanic Journey and Practices!

  • Meet your power animals and spirit guides
  • Enhance your intuitive abilities
  • Explore safe paths through other realities
  • Heal your emotional, mental and spiritual wounds
  • Protect yourself from the emotions and conflicts of others
  • See energetic connections between yourself and the world around you
  • Work with your past lives
  • Be more gentle with yourself and the people around you
  • Learn what shamanic tools are and how to use them