You may be feeling a bit stupefied and thunderstruck in the Aftermath of the foundation shattering Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 1/12/20. At the same time, we experienced the Sun/Pluto conjunction, the Mercury/Saturn conjunction, and then there’s the Mercury/Sun conjunction…And remember, we just had a Full Moon Eclipse!

Oh and while we are at it Love Goddess Venus just left Aquarius to trip out in There Is No Spoon Pisces.


When planets conjunct, one cycle ends and another begins. Stern Taskmaster Saturn and Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto last met in 1982 and won’t align again until 2053. That’s a big reset for all of us.


Illuminated by the Emo Is My Super Power Cancer Full Moon, the conjunction energy focuses into a high power laser beam cutting through the last vestiges of whatever you thought you wanted, or who you thought you were. 

This is an outer and inner world changing alignment. Any construct lacking integrity disintegrates. . 


Or not! Sometimes shedding old patterns, people, situations and obligations leaves us feeling decidedly open and clean. So, we made some space!

Whatever was/is the Take Apart for you, now is the time to surrender and let it happen. Verily Virgo Moon is earnestly attempting to help us get grounded and understand the messages we’ve received in the aftermath of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. 

Newly direct Uranus is ready to light a few destiny path fires under our collective butts. Plus, Mercury, transiting out of this really heavy Capricorn energy, starts generating Quantum Messages as he flows into Aquarius. 

And with all planets direct now, we can get a move on some things.


Take the time to write a few ideas down. Let your inner dream machine start churning away. 

Make this a life to ROAR about!




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Art: by Larry Carlson


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!