Shamanic Zoom Circle June 3 2020

Shamanic Zoom Circle June 3 2020

Shamanic Healing Circle June 3 2020

Are you feeling gut-punched and besieged by this most recent, raw reveal of our collective racial wounding?

I live in La Mesa, California, where we experienced very personally the outrage and pain brought to the surface, again, by unjust actions, the abuse of power, and the ultimate mortal outcome. This profound racial wounding throbs and cries out for healing.

There are no simple answers or easy fixes. What I do know is we need each other more than ever now. 

Let’s get together for shamanic clearing and healing for ourselves, our communities, and especially around our history of racial inequality, and send that wave out to anyone who wants it!

  • Wednesday, June 3, 2020
  • 6 pm PST
  • Anywhere you get Internet

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Social Fire Empath Alert

Social Fire Empath Alert

We are walking through intense social fire right now. It can be hard to keep your cool since not only do you reverberate with the waves of pain and violence, you also experience the pressure to choose sides and polarize.

I Hate This Feeling!

Do you have that gut-punched, heart hurting, strangling tension that won’t let up? Or the ever present in the background hurtful hum of anxiety and uncertainty? We can’t sustain a healthy body or lifestyle with this much anxiety and stress burning through us.

How Do I Put This Social Fire Out?

You can use the Decoupling Process brought by Dr. Villoldo from Peru to help unwind the fight or flight response. Learn how through this guided journey, then take yourself on one several times a day to cool down and get grounded. If you are reading this on IG, copy and paste the link in your browser.

And you already know the rest. Choose to disconnect from social media.

Refill your frazzled brain and weary heart with wisdom and love. That could come from quality time with your significant other, your child, pet, or a good book. Get out in nature. Move your body. Still water gets stagnant. Shift the energy!

Ask More Questions Gemini New Moon

Ask More Questions Gemini New Moon

Complex and layered, the Ask More Questions Gemini New Moon ignites the illusive darkness with lightning bolts of insight.

We awaken to face to face self examination, and the questions begin.


The Gemini New Moon is at 10:58 am PST, but you can do this any day of your life! However, ride the current power wave into the weekend, and see if you can do this by Sunday.

Create your own altar with symbols that invoke your relationship to spirituality. I use symbols for the elements and whatever calls to me from my personal collection of sacred stones, feathers, statues, and more.

Shamanic Zoom Circle June 3 2020

Shamanic Healing ZOOM Circle May 11

Shamanic Healing ZOOM Circle May 11, 2020

Is your heart feeling weary? Do you crave an uplifting people-fix? Are you just dying for a hug?

I give pretty good Zoom hugs! Come join me and the Tribe and get one!

Monday, May 11, 2020

6 pm PST

Anywhere you get Internet

Shocking Revelations Super Full Moon

Shocking Revelations Super Full Moon

Shocking revelations come to light in the brilliant illumination of May 7, 2020 Full Moon in “Super Sleuth Scorpio.” None of us can really be surprised at the new information that comes in, or the story lines that develop. Our radical transformation is just as melty and mysterious as the Monarch larva becoming that magnificent butterfly.


I don’t blame you. Someone opened up a can of crazy-ass at the beginning of the year and the insanity is still flowing. Take your lead from the “Bare Feet Ground You” Taurus Sun and wrap yourself up in whatever soothes your overstimulated emotional body.
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