Ancient Temple Wolf Priestess

Let’s update those badass boundaries and put some spice into your personal psychic protection!

The veil grows thinner as we approach Samhein. Our world has become psychically super active. Are you ready?

Badass Boundaries and Psychic Protecton

The Shamanic Goddess Circle

Let’s update those badass boundaries and put some spice into your personal psychic protection!

We’ll call on the Shamanic Goddess in many forms to assist us in redefining what’s allowed in, and what’s NOT! 

She’s got a few things for us to do…

Libra by BlackbeltMo Saturn Stations Direct 2019

You can heave a sigh of sweet relief when Stern Taskmaster Saturn Stations Direct in Get ‘Er Done Capricorn on September 18, 2019. But you may already be feeling that oppression lift, just like the change of seasons is teasing the air around you.



This gnarly Saturn Retrograde which began in April has been grueling for many of us. Work, work, work! Now, just before the balancing effect of the Equinox (9/21/19), the Capricornian Goatfish redirects efforts from methodical take apart to “look what I can do” restructuring with lessons learned kept well in mind.

Emotional Intensity

Emotional Intensity For days, weeks, (months?) the emotional intensity has been building. Enormous, silent whines of “Why???” echo through the vast psychic chambers of consciousness. “How much more can I take?” “When will I be enough?” “Why is everything so hard?” Does it help to know this is a condition, a phase of time, the…

divine feminine turmoil - art by Bojan Jevtic

Passionate Soul-Quake A Passionate Soul-Quake rumbles through you as all the Yin/Earth energy grounds the incredible Yang/Fire lightning erupting from your overstimulated identity center. Believe it or not, August was a “recuperation” month compared to September which presents another volatile combo of Shift Happens alignments and changes. WELL THAT’S A MOUTHFUL I know. Took me…

Grounded Integration

style=”font-weight: 400;”> digging into the soil to settle softly throughout your entire being. The New Moon in Virgo marks a synchronicity of opposite energies all coming into balance at the same time.



Yes, the world is in major take-apart right now, it’s true. And each of us has our own unique way of resonating with that wholeness rupturing agony. But…

Cranky Venus in Virgo

You may just have gotten a little bit cranky. Love Goddess Venus just slipped into Be Here Now And Be Doing Something Useful Virgo.


After the Party Hardy Leo Fire Sign excitement it’s quite a comedown to the Earthy sign of selfless service. One’s head could be spinning. 

The two most benefic lights in the sky meet on 8/8 for a Lion’s Gate Hot Date. Love Goddess Venus, currently roaring with pleasure in Love Me Won’t You? Leo, trines with the Empowerment King Jupiter, currently glowing with joy in his house of rulership (that makes him most potent!) Sexy Sagittarius.

That’s a balanced alignment of fiery love in all areas, but especially the pairing up, google-eyes, heart’s desire kind. 

Your Passionate Heart Black Moon In Leo

The Lion roars awake the heart of your passionate heart in the magical shadows of this Leo New Moon. In the darkness we meet ourselves and wholly own our inner fire in a Healed Wounds Triple Trine! 

And Messenger Mercury stations Direct in True Heart Cancer right after the Leo New Moon.


Love Goddess Venus glows in Luscious Leo. Since she’s the closest witness to the New Moon conjunction – just 4 degrees away – she’s opening her heart wide to see both who she appears to be (Sun) and what is her heart’s truth (Moon). 

Karmic Emergence

These past six months of karmic emergence end with a soul path rocking Full Moon Eclipse. Truth trumps denial. False foundations crumble. And lessons learned reveal the butterfly you that’s been transforming in the chrysalis of the potent Eclipse Transformation Tunnel.

I Feel That

Love Goddess Venus, sitting on the Destiny Path North Node and opposing Stern TaskMaster Saturn, embodies the soul’s desire value test on loving how we are living, who is in our lives, and where we are going. 

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