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What happens day-to-day in the cosmos affects our daily life experiences. The Shamanic Weather combines shamanism, astrology and oracle cards for a unique reading of the current and coming energies.

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So, how have YOU been sleeping? One of the side effects of being energetically sensitive people is that we can physically feel Earth changes as they happen, and I include Solar Flares as part of the Earth Change process. Thunderbird Takes Flight We may partially leave our bodies and spread our ethereal wings as Thunderbirds,… Read More »

With the Summer Solstice we in the Northern Hemisphere experience days of the longest daylight hours of the year. Think of the Sun as our symbol for the Divine Masculine energies, always ready to seed the Earth with fresh energy, giving everything we need for life to grow and prosper. Now is the time we… Read More »

Are you feeling the pressure of all this dense energy and rapid change? My guides just this past weekend gave me a gift, a download of Divinity Expansion that put me in a rich, timeless state of mind. All my layers were infiltrated by heavenly light. I felt joyous afterward! So, I’m passing the gift… Read More »

She feels violated and mutilated; her self image is a fractured mirror with pieces missing, and her loving cup broken and discarded. Her ancient, dried roots feed upon our current pain, adding to her accumulation of misery and encouraging a cycle of resonance in our matrix to her wounding, the wounding of all women. She… Read More »

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