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What happens day-to-day in the cosmos affects our daily life experiences. The Shamanic Weather combines shamanism, astrology and oracle cards for a unique reading of the current and coming energies.

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Sun Trine Moon Jan 29 2015

Quicksilver Connections – The Shamanic Weather With the Sun Trine Moon Jan 29 2015 we think our inner and outer selves are in agreement- but our emotions may tell a different story. The clever, talkative Quicksilver Moon in Gemini stirs up the hungry ghosts of the past in a square with the Dreamy King (Neptune… Read More »

The Cards: Goddess Inspiration Oracle Guide by Kris Waldherr; The Animal Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and Dave Carson.

Many Rivers To Cross… The T-Square January 28 has our usually purring Whole Soul Queen (Venus in Pisces) grumpy and petulant. Her Earthy Moon Mirror (Moon in Taurus) fogs over during the Void of Course today, which confuses the Queen even more and makes it harder to just move. She prefers to just bask in… Read More »

Shamanic Weather for January 27, 2015

Substance of the Soul, Venus Exalted in Pisces “Ahh,“ purrs the Whole Soul Queen (Venus Exalted in Pisces), as she happily slips into the warm embrace of the Piscean Seas. She was born of sea foam, after all, and represents the Substance of the Soul, the love that holds all things together. We sigh along… Read More »

Shamanic Weather for Jan 26 2015

Transition Day – Last day for Venus in Aquarius – January 26, 2015 The Starship Aquarius approaches space dock and our Ardent Voyager Queen (Venus in Aquarius) vows to make this last 24 hours count before slipping into the warm, embracing oceans of Pisces. OK, there could be a little cosmic PMS going on here…… Read More »

Venus Opposite Jupiter

Venus opposite Jupiter, Shamanic Weather for January 19, 2015 San Diego, CA – Ephemeris Times are PST (GMT-0800)*** Mondayitis (No Matter What Day Of The Week It Is) Today we vibrate to the Venus opposite Jupiter energy, the true “I don’t want to” that comes from mind-numbing routines, predictable relationships, and anything that isn’t sparking… Read More »

Test Drive Your Super Powers Cards

The Shamanic Weather for January 16, 17 & 18, 2015 San Diego, CA – Ephemeris Times are PST (GMT-0800)*** Test Driving Your Super Powers (please share!) This weekend we get to be both the “coach” and the “athlete” at the same time as we are presented with opportunities to try out the new self understanding… Read More »

San Diego, CA – Ephemeris Times are PDT (GMT-0800)*** Make Love With Destiny We get another breather today, a chance to catch up with ourselves and allow the thoughts and feelings to flow. The Moon Mirror is now in Taurus, reflecting gentle, steady action and, when this mirror encounters Saturn in Sagittarius, resistance to being… Read More »

San Diego, CA – Ephemeris Times are PDT (GMT-0800)*** ~ The Gifts Keep Coming ~ The Earthy Queen (Venus in Capricorn) begins to feel the excitement as her trip on the Starship Aquarius approaches. At the same time, she is relishing the good times and mourning the losses recently experienced. With the promise of unexpected… Read More »

San Diego, CA – Ephemeris Times are PDT (GMT-0800)*** The Power of Dreams We begin the weekend under the influence of the Dreamy Mirror (Moon in Pisces) and multiple, favorable conversations between various members of the Royal Court that gently lead us to a new faith in ourselves and our plans for the future. The… Read More »

I was having lunch with my two most amazing friends – Katie and Deborah – and I found myself trying to describe where I was at in my self-healing process. I’m using this Grand Water Trine/Mercury Retro/ Guides-wanna-give-you-your-dreams energy to do some personal clean-up. The guides showed me the moon eclipsing the Earth. When the… Read More »

My heart goes out to anyone asking those questions, even when the same client asks me more than once. Yes, no, I don’t know, next Thursday…this is a destiny path that changes radically and frequently based on all the choices we make and how quickly (or slowly) we are growing. One of the most common… Read More »

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