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deep stimulation Waking Dream Messages Time Is An Illusion by Coby01

Deep Stimulation

You’re going to feel that deep stimulation from the Go Deeper Scorpio Moon today.


Well that depends on what gets stimulated! Love Goddess Venus in I’m So Curious About That Gemini activates with Wounded Healer Chiron in Let’s Get To It Aries. Old heart wounds may throb, OR you may get a smile of satisfaction over how far you’ve grown.

Balance Point

The waxing Let’s Get Together Libra Moon holds that balance point between our karma (South Node) and destiny (North Node) in a powerful T-square tonight. It really looks more like a triangle with the Moon at the apex.

The point at the top.

Point 1. Libra Moon loves to be in this centering, see-both-sides-of-the-equation position. What an awesome opportunity to find our personal balance point between cleaning up the past and choosing the next path! It’s the decision part that can be hard.

Watery Wounds Elemental Fire by Inertia Rose at DeviantArt

Itchy Soul Skin

Your itchy Soul Skin is ready to peel off in the wake of the super stimulating Gemini New Moon. For some of us, our destiny paths became clearer and it was easy to take action. Others, however, may still be vibrating with the intensity of the new creation energy that has poured in. Where are you on the spectrum?


If you are feeling agitated and anxious you may not have been able to receive and integrate the new energies. Or, they may be creating a sort of metaphysical allergic reaction!

Time to breathe, walk barefoot on the grass or in the sand, and breathe some more. Do something mundane to distract yourself. It’s ok to do things in your own time.


Yah, that’s me! I am juggling multiple projects, clients, new class registrations and important relationships in my life. And I am loving it!

Gemini New Moon 2019

Gemini New Moon 2019

The “I Have A Question” Gemini New Moon 2019 begins a month of profound movement and resetting as we shudder through more life-altering waves of the impending Saturn/Pluto conjunction.


Stern Taskmaster Saturn and Dismemberment King Pluto continue their conjunction dance through 2019. Our unique soul purpose reawakens or redirects as they hover over the Karmic Origins South Node.

Delicious Dreams

Delicious Dreams


For today we dive into our delicious dreams and desires. Blissful Seas Pisces Moon gets together with Love Goddess Venus, the Destiny Path North Node, and Spiritual Guru Neptune most favorably to draw up from the depths some “let’s enjoy life” yumminess.

Venus Mars Heat Up Awesome You

Awesome You

Embrace your awesome you! A challenge of some sort, small or large, helps you recognize that your unique presence in this world not only makes a difference, it demands to be shared.



The challenge (Outer You Sun squares Inner You Moon) is about how you process and share your feelings. And, all this Wounded Healer Chiron activation opens those old, I-thought-I-was-done-with-that reservoirs.

Full Blue Scorpio Moon

Karmic Shadows: Full Blue Scorpio Moon

The Full Blue Scorpio Moon illuminates Karmic Shadows hidden in the depths of your soul. We’ve been looking at them all week in various ways. Now we harvest the wisdom gained and new purpose realized.


Love Goddess Venus is feeling it, too, as her reunion with Mad Genius Uranus, her Karmic Father,  occurs just before this Full Moon. For the first time in 80 years they meet in the Get Grounded And Feel Good sign of Taurus.

Karmic Solar Storms

Karmic Solar Storms

This week’s Karmic Solar Storms may leave you rather dizzy and ungrounded. Waves of coronal mass ejections have impacted our atmosphere, generating the dancing lights of the aurora, and also activating powerful shifts within each of us.


Those affected could feel overstimulated or underslept, or both! I recently described it as like “ants crawling under my skin.” In fact, it was the persistence of this discomfort that caused me to check in and see if we’d had a solar storm.

love crisis


Please regard any Love Crisis you experience right now as a spike on the continuum and not a “final answer” today. Love Goddess Venus in Let’s Do It Aries rams right into an acute square off with her not-so-favorite super planet Stern Taskmaster Saturn.


Saturn, the King of You Should Do It My Way, is currently retrograde in Double Down On That Capricorn. He wants to painfully draw out the realizations of what’s not perfect, not tuned in exactly, and what’s not efficient. Resist the urge to dive into that shadow. It’s not worth it.

Saturn Retrograde 2019

Slow down and go deep into Saturn Retrograde 2019. Your priorities and methods are up for review. You can suffer or prosper depending – which do you choose?


Great! Surrender to the need for clearer focus and allow the unpleasant things that may arise to help you clean house, clear karma, and make room for healthy abundance in your life.

Power Games Revealed

Power Games Revealed

Prepare for your Power Games to be revealed as The Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto stations retrograde today in the Very Grounded Yet Mysterious Mystic GoatFish Capricorn.


Quakes shake the Karmic Burdens South Node since Pluto the World Flipper is nearly on top of it. His message: Clean up the past so it’s a source of power rather than a constant drag on your life.

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