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The two most benefic lights in the sky meet on 8/8 for a Lion’s Gate Hot Date. Love Goddess Venus, currently roaring with pleasure in Love Me Won’t You? Leo, trines with the Empowerment King Jupiter, currently glowing with joy in his house of rulership (that makes him most potent!) Sexy Sagittarius.

That’s a balanced alignment of fiery love in all areas, but especially the pairing up, google-eyes, heart’s desire kind. 

Your Passionate Heart Black Moon In Leo

The Lion roars awake the heart of your passionate heart in the magical shadows of this Leo New Moon. In the darkness we meet ourselves and wholly own our inner fire in a Healed Wounds Triple Trine! 

And Messenger Mercury stations Direct in True Heart Cancer right after the Leo New Moon.


Love Goddess Venus glows in Luscious Leo. Since she’s the closest witness to the New Moon conjunction – just 4 degrees away – she’s opening her heart wide to see both who she appears to be (Sun) and what is her heart’s truth (Moon). 

emo volcano

Your Emo Volcano isn’t done erupting! Love Goddess Venus completes her heartbeat saga through I Live From My Heart Cancer in just a few days, but only to get more outwardly demonstrative in I AM My Heart Leo.

I Have Been So Emotional

The Eclipses and Mercury plus five more retrograde planets exploded molten change all through and over us and our life landscape. We’ve felt the burn – and ecstasy – of total transformation without the window for integration at the core heart level.

Karmic Emergence

These past six months of karmic emergence end with a soul path rocking Full Moon Eclipse. Truth trumps denial. False foundations crumble. And lessons learned reveal the butterfly you that’s been transforming in the chrysalis of the potent Eclipse Transformation Tunnel.

I Feel That

Love Goddess Venus, sitting on the Destiny Path North Node and opposing Stern TaskMaster Saturn, embodies the soul’s desire value test on loving how we are living, who is in our lives, and where we are going. 

Retrograde Reality

Retrograde Reality

Emotional waves crash on the hard rocks of retrograde reality with six planets in retrograde, slowing us down in this Earth and Water element heaviness.


Messenger Mercury turned retrograde in See Me Love Me Leo on July 7, 2019 at 4:14 pm Pacific Time. Because of an interesting dynamic with Action Jackson Warrior God Mars (He just entered one of his favorite signs, Leo) we are now empowered to really think before we speak. This would be an excellent choice considering how emotional wounds may throb open.


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2019

You have been feeling the building energy of this New Moon Solar Eclipse grow exponentially since the Full Moon and Summer Solstice in June. Now that tidal wave of opportunity and change crests into the perfect curl – are you going to catch it or back off?

Mars Roars

Warrior God Mars roars with relief as he breaks free from the quicksand emo-suck of I’m So Full Of Feelings Cancer to march proudly into It’s Good To Be Me Leo. He takes us with him into a time of supreme confidence, sexual potency, goal attainment and outspoken action.


Say what you will, the mood is hard to resist. With the New Moon just a day away we are bathing in the Cancerian Sea of Desires to be Realized. Mars roars his virility right into those dream pools, Leo lightning flashing!

Eclipse Portal

Eclipse Portal Opening We feel the anticipation (and dread?) of the eclipse portal opening. It’s been a low hum in the background, the tension of a coming storm. Matters of the heart and home swirl into a vortex of transformation.  THE ENERGY IS JUST PLAIN WEIRD Cyclical patterns have been shifting on multiple levels for…

Sink Into Sensuality

Sink Into Sensuality Earthy Taurus Moon invites you to sink into sensuality today. Reconnect with what helps you feel good in your body. We get a little recovery time today. I COULD USE IT June rocked our solar plexus chakra, especially the second half. Identity and power themes played out whether we were ready for…

We’ve been feeling the psychic pressure build up around us in a crush of emotional tidal waves, mental overload, and/or physical challenge. Cosmic forces align to form a new key that unlocks the gateway to the next level of enlightened consciousness, or spiritual crisis.


The super giants Magnify This Jupiter and Squash That Saturn exert their influence on Life Is An Illusion Neptune as he prepares to enter Retrograde.

Take Action Chiron Retrograde Celestial Warrior Leah by Carlos Quevedo

Warrior God Mars leads the charge for this Take Action Full Moon at 1:30 am June 17, 2019 Pacific Time. Sleep may be difficult as your mind races with all the possibilities available for you. You may feel overwhelmed and ungrounded as major planetary alignments click into place like a vast Mayan calendar throughout this week straight through the Summer Solstice.

Are We At The Galactic Center?

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