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Dilemmas What dilemmas came up for you on Sunday, 1/27/19? Did you find yourself meeting some unexpected challenge? HOW DID YOU KNOW? Today the Outer Self Sun in Embrace Humanity Aquarius squared the Inner You Moon in Discover The Truth Scorpio. You may have been experiencing some sort of crisis or conflict especially around anything… Read More »

Blood Moon Cleanse BloodMoonMrEclipse

Blood Cleanse Eclipse The Blood Cleanse Eclipse presents a perfect storm opportunity to truly let go and renew yourself. Were you too sick on the December 2018 solstice to set intentions for 2019? Did the Solar Eclipse this January 5 knock you out of your body and leave you spacey and ungrounded? Would you like… Read More »

Soul Fire Venus Retrograde Shadow

Soul Fire Activation

You’ll feel the Soul Fire activation burn through the clouds of limiting self doubt. And today, the flames flare high!


The January New Moon Solar Eclipse in Get Going On It Capricorn opened a classic Eclipse Transformation Tunnel. Like it or not, change is happening, and fast.


Today’s Fiery Trine expands raw sexuality into more robust, multi-layered pleasure. Lovely Venus in Voracious Sagittarius and Manly Mars in Virile Aries pas de deux into a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energy. Creation energy abounds and thrives in an atmosphere of mutual admiration and exploration.

Old Stuff

Old Stuff Got some stale, old stuff stirred up? Your awareness turns toward your past as we move into Wednesday night when This Is You Sun is nearly conjunct the Karma Is A Beeyatch South Node in Step By Step Top Goat Capricorn. Use the dominant Earth Elemental energy to ground any out-of-proportion reaction. Old… Read More »

Positive Turnaround

Positive Turnaround

Today we can experience a positive turnaround to a situation or truth that came to the surface over the weekend, especially on Sunday. Old or new, the incident or reality slap needed to be revealed before we could do anything about it.


Let’s Expand Everything Jupiter in Sagittarius faced off with Let’s Get High Neptune in Pisces. This alignment amped up the shadow aspects of both planets. Under this influence anything and everything that would pull you back into avoidance behaviors or addictive patterns grabs you.


Venus in Sagittarius 2019

Venus in Sagittarius 2019

Venus in Sagittarius 2019 opens a whole new chapter in asking for, and getting, what you WANT!


She rides the wave of positive change flowing from the powerful New Moon Eclipse on January 6. This was just after a new Eclipse Transformation Portal opened. And…


Over the weekend the last planet that was in retrograde, Mad Genius Uranus, turned Direct in I Gotta Be Me Aries.

Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse

Shamanic Treasure Maps & Crystal Bowl Sound Journey


Autumn Skye Wisdom for Shamanic Sound Journey Star Sisters Healing

Tuesday, January 8 at 7 PM

Lora’s Wisdom Tree Home in Linda Vista

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Deep Shifts Mars Stations Direct The Essences by Carlos Quevedo

Deep Shifts We end 2018 and enter 2019 already well into the process and outcome of deep shifts. Go Even Deeper Scorpio Moon nudges you into contemplation and revelation. What is ready to rise to the surface and soar for you? DECEMBER 31, 2018 WATER – there are no aspects in Air at all, and… Read More »

practical grace - strong sun full moon - Night Goddess by Slow Chemical Design

Practical Grace By Mara Clear Spring Cook Hopefully you’ll feel the relief of easing into practical grace today. Water and Earth elements balance with a strong I’ve Got A List Virgo Moon helping you gain the best perspective in relationship to your feelings and needs. TELL ME MORE That Virgo Moon helps you curb more… Read More »

Cancer Full Moon 2018 Flood of Feelings Venus In Cancer

Cancer Full Moon 2018

By Mara Clear Spring Cook

The Cancer Full Moon 2018 inaugurates a year of rediscovering your emotional and foundational needs. Nothing can be accomplished until you have anchored yourself with love and commitment to the realities of being a full spectrum human, foibles and all.

And with the Get ‘Er Done Capricorn Sun trying to follow a logical, step-by-step process, and pulling away from I’m All About Heart And Home Cancer Sun, our inner Wild Child could stir up crazy urges and defiant behaviors. Mad Genius Uranus still retrograde in Me First Aries doesn’t help the situation one bit.


Thank goodness the Cancer Full Moon is on the weekend! You can escape from typical grown-up responsibilities and indulge in holiday silliness.

Winter Solstice 2018

Winter Solstice 2018 Our Winter Solstice 2018 is framed with creativity explosions and mixed messages on one side and an intensely emotional final Full Moon of the year on the other. Throw in a little (or major) heart quake/soul fusion and empowered expression and you have the start to one hell of an end of… Read More »

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