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Retrograde Rewinds, art from Wallhere

Retrograde Rewinds By Mara Clear Spring Cook You may feel as it you are just catching up to yourself in a series of Retrograde Rewinds that chase you – or that you are chasing! YEAH THAT’S – WHAT? Let’s go back to Saturday, 8/11/18. That was a SUPER intense energy day. Now, if you had… Read More »

Sacred Messages Lion Heart Messages - art by Ellen Vaman

Sacred Messages By Mara Clear Spring Cook Be sure to stop, breathe, and listen for the Sacred Messages pouring in today. They could be easy to miss with all the energy zinging about! It’s easy to overload and tune out. REALLY WANNA SHUT IT DOWN We are fully activated in multiple areas of our lives… Read More »

Expect The Unexpected Goddess of the Universe from Maiscalco

Expect The Unexpected Uranus Retrograde By Mara Clear Spring Cook Always expect the unexpected when under the influence of the Coyote Factor Uranus Retrograde. This time, Love Goddess Venus serves as our surprise ally while we navigate this increasingly complicated transformation landscape. HOW DOES THAT WORK? Empowered by Supreme Diplomat Libra Super Powers, the Love… Read More »

Love Goddess Desire balance-libra-by-jlh-jean-louis-husson

Love Goddess Venus in Libra By Mara Clear Spring Cook Today our Love Goddess Venus enters Libra, her home sign, and she’s ready to open the door to relationships of all kinds. Despite shyness, sensitivity and/or anxiety we have that overall desire to connect, see and be seen. YES! I LOVE THE LOVE GODDESS Venus… Read More »

Dangerous Changes

Dangerous Changes By Mara Clear Spring Cook Uranus Retrograde 2018 provokes – or invites – dangerous changes that can ripple through multiple areas of your life. Be ready for ANYTHING from this unpredictable, Quantum Coyote! ANYTHING? Anything! I AM RETROGRADE WEARY We have been worn down by the pressure to learn, shift, grow, let go,… Read More »

Your Inner Rebel

Your Inner Rebel By Mara Clear Spring Cook The fiery, frustrated energy of the Mars – Uranus Square urges you to rebel! Break free from old stories, obsolete beliefs and life-hanging patterns. I WANNA REBEL! We all do! Well, most of us, anyway. Make it meaningful, though. Rebelling for the sake of it leads to… Read More »

Dream Space

Dream Space By Mara Clear Spring Cook Your creative Dream Space opens further today! Grandmother Moon is in No-Boundaries Pisces and meets favorably with Spiritual Guru Neptune and Total Transformation Pluto. Your intuitive hits could turn you around or upside down! Just remember not to make any big decisions. In fact, that could be hard… Read More »

Subtle Discontent

Subtle Discontent By Mara Clear Spring Cook Don’t measure your love of life today by the subtle discontent rumbling in the background. War God Mars retrograde in Higher Purpose Aquarius squares off with Wild Card Uranus on Wednesday, and we are feeling the fierce, high energy build-up. I THOUGHT IT WAS THE ECLIPSES Well, that… Read More »

Mercury Retrograde In Leo Woman with Leo Lion

Mercury Retrograde in Leo By Mara Clear Spring Cook Mercury Retrograde in Leo promises to be one wild, roarin’ ride! The retrograde begins on 7/25 at 10:02 pm Pacific Time, so we cross over to 7/26 on the East Coast. Already the time warp begins. TIME WARP? I LOVE ROCKY HORROR! As do I! With… Read More »

divine feminine turmoil - art by Bojan Jevtic

Divine Feminine Turmoil By Mara Clear Spring Cook You may literally feel split in two at the Divine Feminine Turmoil writhing within. Love Goddess Venus in Do It This Way Virgo opposes the higher octave of the Divine Feminine King of the Seas Neptune in Embrace All Ways Pisces. Satisfaction is supremely difficult to achieve… Read More »

Creation Magic Night and her train of stars by shewhoisart reduced

Creation Magic! By Mara Clear Spring Cook Creation Magic is the ethereal spark that jumps out of the funeral pyre of cosmic take apart. Everything you have been shedding – or has been torn away from you – is reduced down to raw material ready to be reshaped into the new. I’VE LOST EVERYTHING INCLUDING… Read More »

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