Your Personal Shamanic Goddess


Your Personal 2023 Shamanic Goddess

From the first meeting of the Shamanic Life Shift Circle, founded by Mara Clear Spring

You’ll be guided through different aspects of the Divine Feminine Archetype in a lively, upbeat atmosphere in a shamanic container designed to include you, the viewer, whether you were there or not.

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Refresh your relationship to the Divine Feminine with:

Your Personal 2023 Shamanic Goddess

This recording was made on January 10, 2023, but the process applies whenever you become aware it’s time to renew your understanding of the Yin side of your nature, no matter your gender identification.

After your purchase, I will personally send you an email with the prep work and video link.

In this Shamanic Life Shift Circle event:

We visit many of the Divine Feminine expressions in Goddess forms from all times and places, and individually, in each of us.

And to evolve our relationship with our innate feminine side, we invite Her to step in as a positive influence to guide us for the next year, or more!

She’ll help you embrace that tender, fierce feminine within you and naturally draw in more of what you’d really like to experience in life.

  • Balance your active masculine/feminine flow
  • Update your self image – body/heart/mind/soul
  • Rediscover your softness and deep strength!

Your Personal 2023 Shamanic Goddess becomes your ally, your mentor, your sister, your mother – whatever supports you in living a fulfilling 2023!

You’ll want to have a journal and pen to take notes, and perhaps a friend with you to discuss and share at appropriate times in the viewing.

Created by Mara Clear Spring, all rights reserved.


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