Solar Flare Download


If you feel affected by Solar Flares this reading is for you! I journey to retrieve the information that has come in for you and help you integrate the message and healing.

Cost: $75



Solar Flare Download Readings and Sessions

Solar Flare Download Readings and Sessions are part of Mara’s Shamanic Weather. We receive energy from the Sun 24/7. Flares can project not only coronal mass ejections (CMEs) but also esoteric information that broadcasts to those “tuned in.”
There is a conversation between Mother Earth and Father Sun contained within that as well, but the focus here is on YOUR personal download. Your Solar Flare Session can be at anytime, not just during a Flare cycle.
Mara uses Shamanism and her personal connection with the Sun consciousness to relay the messages and transmit the downloads to you! Receive your personal infusion of Sun wisdom and insight in a 45 minute Solar Session. Share your current challenges and dreams via email or in a phone or local in-person session. Mara will retrieve and flow your Solar messages for you.