Shamanic Sound Journey


Heart Healing Shamanic Sound Journey

Experience profound heart healing in this Shamanic Sound Journey!

February awakens the winter-sleeping heart. We yearn for connection, with ourselves, with family, with that special someone.

Whether you are already coupled or ready to invite a significant partner, this experience will help you reveal and heal anything blocking or limiting love in your heart.

Bathe in the healing vibration of Gong/Didgeridoo/Drum sound immersion to engage your entire being in a heart healing voyage.

Friday, February 16

Arrive by 6:45 pm

Doors close at 7 pm

$33 per person


Purchase in advance to assure seating!

Held at the home of Lora Wisdom Tree

Near 163 and Friar’s Road

(directions provided with ticket purchase)


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To prepare for Shamanic Sound Journey we set space and connect as a group ready to travel beyond this dimension. You settle back and rest upon the floor.


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In deep drumming and guided journey you take off, flying through time and space.

Drowned by powerful waves of the gong, you vibrate between dissonance and resonance, your own rigid patterns of disease dissolving away…

Ancient memories rise from the DNA, snakes of wisdom hypnotized by the mysterious droning of the didgeridoo…

Upon return, you’ll be brought back to this reality gently.



You will be on your back receiving healing sound and messages from your guides for at least 30 minutes.


Blanket and/or yoga mat for comfort on the floor!


Shamanic Sound Journey initiates profound healing at the DNA level. Life changes can occur immediately.

Incredible Art: source unknown


After a Shamanic Sound Journey Healing you will want to be extra kind to your physical body!

Change happened, and will continue to evolve!

  • Drink plenty of water – electrolyte water is even better
  • Eat gentle foods
  • Arrange for down time
  • Take naps, sleep in, it’s all healing!
  • Salt baths or scrubs assist if you experience detox
  • Fire Ceremony!
  • Get outdoors and EARTH yourself: sunshine, trees, ocean/lake, boulders

Journaling helps you process and integrate. If you are up for it, meditate or journey as you feel called.

Grant yourself permission to cry, laugh, and hug yourself often.

Celebrate your journey with a little gift for you.

Thank you for taking this Shamanic Sound Journey with us. There will be more to come, and for those of you who have been to more than one, you KNOW each is unique.


Lora and Mara

Mara Clear Spring Cook

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher, Reiki Master


Facebook: Mara Clear Spring

Lora Wisdom Tree Keller

Gong Master and Sound Healer



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