Intermediate Course

Second Step Shamanic Training

Through First Step Shamanic Training you learned the power of traveling through the Shamanic Void supported by a group of fellow journeyers. Now it’s time to stick with it and get stronger, clearer and more confident in your abilities. Take your Journey Skills and Shamanic Practices to the next level with Second Step Shamanic Training!




Come into closer relationship

… with your Guides and Power Animals. and learn more techniques for Shamanic Journey and practices.

● Delve into the Shadows
Understand your Shamanic Tools
Embrace your Ancestors
● Recover Past Gifts
● Power Up & Trust your Third Eye
● Go Deeper with your Guides
● Continue growing your Mesa

Prerequisite: First Step Shamanic Training OR discuss with Mara

Course Benefits:

  • $25 OFF one Shamanic Healing Session (60, 90 or 120 minutes)
  • Eight two-hour classes
  • Group Graduation Event
  • Class Recordings
  • Private FaceBook Support Group
  • Student Rate for One Hour Sessions (currently $85)
  • Student Rate for Munay-Ki Group Installations
  • Student Rate for Reiki I & II Group Installations

And, you will have access to recorded classes and additional, “bonus” guided journeys, chants and information.

The healing continues – it keeps getting BETTER!

Winter/Spring Course Begins January 2020

Eight Thursdays from 7 to 9 pm*

Dates to be determined. 

*Dates/locations are subject to change.


Indoors at the Healing Space on 4215 Spring Street, #124, La Mesa, CA, then Outdoors at Mara’s Shamanic Oasis in La Mesa when the weather warms.

Optional Day Event

One Saturday during the Winter/Spring term students from all classes, plus private students, can join in a field trip. We’ve visited various state and national parks, wildlife preserves, and even had camping trips. Date to be announced.

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