Sit with the Potent Darkness of the final New Moon Solar Eclipse of the decade. We’ve been in a time-bending portal in the days after the Sacred Solstice Space of December 21, 2019. And now, the Major Powers closely entwine in the sign of the mysterious Goat Fish, Capricorn.


But, Capricorn Is A Goat!

That’s only half the story! The Goat attains airy heights, while the Fish explores the unbounded seas. Together they meld into the Earth sign that grounds spiritual commitment into 3D reality. 


The Potent Darkness Solar Eclipse encourages you to work your way to the top (Goat) by swimming through the soul truth of your dream (Fish).


That’s Pretty Deep…

The magic continues! The Moon (personal unconscious) temporarily blocks the Sun (outer you) yet remains ringed in a halo of light (annular eclipse). So, you have a rare opportunity to plumb your hidden desires, feelings and motivations while still aware of the overall effects and needs of your personal identity, your ego.


I consider this a continuance of the Solstice Sacred Space fully opened on December 21, 2019.


So now right now is an awesome time to look into and sit with the Potent Darkness to consider what is forming for you. How will you wield your power? What sparks of inspiration do you want to plunge into the depths of unconsciousness to inseminate your dreams into reality and birth into the next decade?


What If I Just Want To Drink Eggnog?

Sheer joy and frivolity set off those sparks of brilliance that erupt from the heart of your soul! Of course you can drink eggnog, share hugs and laughter, and celebrate friendship and soul family. And, you can keep alive somewhere in your mind the awareness that your world is transforming in each moment. 



Here are a few highlights:

  • The Grand Earth Trine activates your personal motivation compass.
  • Dark Moon Lilith speaks cryptically to your shadow around work vs. play.
  • Empowerment King Jupiter juices up your personal power as he conjuncts this Eclipse.
  • The Stern Taskmaster Saturn conjuncting Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto energy grows stronger, increasing the psychic pressure to breakaway from obsolete constructs and any false sense of security.

So, all of that means that unformed destiny paths stir. You may not ultimately understand what’s happening, but you can open up to the possibilities. That’s the Darkness in the Potent Darkness. Yet from it will come wisdom and direction. Just give it time.

Meanwhile, allow yourself the space somewhere in these holidays to open up to the Void and allow all your personal downloads to drop in. We can unpack them later!

Make this a Potent Darkness Solar Eclipse New Moon to roar about!




Coming up:

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!