The naked heart of the first Full Moon of 2020 in Where Is The Love Cancer beats strong against formidable opposition piled up in You’ve Got To Take This Seriously Capricorn. It’s all part of a “shake up your foundations” line up coming fully online this weekend.


Anyone with a heart has felt the challenge at some level. This Full Moon Eclipse opposes the Outer Self Sun, Messenger Mercury, Stern Task Master Saturn and Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto all piled up in one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. Earth energy dominates to add weight to the smallest choices. And the big ones…


It’s hard to make big decisions when we want to escape into FUN. Just before going Full the Inner Self Moon trined Spiritual Guru Neptune. His shadow side encourages avoidance through the timeless distraction of pleasure – and with all the pressure to make significant changes, who doesn’t want to check out for a bit?


Yeah! The This Is Me Sun seeks truthful expression. Messenger Mercury really wants to get it right. Malefics Saturn and Pluto double down on the serious nature of life and everything you do.


So we turn to the heart. What does your naked heart reveal to you? Be prepared for surprises as you let any constrained emotions out! Mad Genius Uranus stations Direct a few hours after the Full Moon Eclipse. He opens radical possibilities and unexpected solutions. 

And, with his turnabout, all planets are direct. All. Planets. Are. Direct. 


Yeah, that’s part of the urgency we’ve been feeling. It’s not just the heavyweights of the outer planets bearing down on us. It’s our our own soul’s call, naked heart beating fast!


Write a letter from your heart to the rest of “you.” Let it speak your loving truth to all the parts of you in turmoil, fear, hope, confusion or wherever you land on your emoitional map. The letter may transform to a song, a piece of heart-art, or a sweaty, vibrant dance. The voice of your heart can bring you back to center. Listen!

Make this a Full Moon Eclipse to ROAR about!





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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!