When the Dark Love Super Full Moon rises, so do the hearts of romantics all around the world. Love Goddess Venus, freshly ventured into Start With Me Aries, conjuncts her shadowy sister, You Wish You Were Me Dark Moon Lilith, as the Proud To Be Me Leo Super Full Moon claims the night skies.

And the rich tonic of heart’s desire begins to flow…

Oh, Tell Me More!

With Venus and Lilith dancing together in we delve into our brightest and darkest truths around desire, power,  finances and the meaningful experiences of life. We intertwine our “lite-sweet” and “dark-spicy” aspects and discover more off-the-beaten-track truths about our unique tastes. That’s the Weird Is My Super Power Aquarius Sun influence as it illuminates this Super Full Moon.


Wounded Healer Chiron joins the dance. This tenacious mentor also conjuncts Venus and Lilith – an archetypal threesome! You may experience a major love trigger, and thus close your heart. OR, you may find you’ve healed some big wounds, and there’s more room than ever in your life for complex, compelling experiences and relationships.


It’s the ultimate romance with ourselves that can’t be contained. Our harmonized heart song wildly attracts a diverse range of people and opportunities. Venus embraces Lilith and the union makes us whole.


Whether you can see this Leo Super Moon or just feel it’s emanations, imagine it penetrating right to your heart. Awareness expands through the center of your chest in all directions. You don’t have to identify and categorize the sensations. 

Allow murmurs to amplify into great roars of your heart’s truth. Hidden passions, unrealized connections, and brilliant potential release! At the same time, the old stories, limiting patterns, and obsolete beliefs are shredded. Be still in the peace of freshly cleared space. The Feelings Are Powerful triad of Venus, Lilith and Chiron will vibrate in new love, if you are ready for it, in the ways most aligned for you now.


We’ve all earned some good vibes after what was for most of us a rather rough January. Enjoy this energy all weekend and beyond if you like. You deserve it!

Make this a Full Moon to ROAR about! (11:32 pm PST 2/8/20)



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Art: by Carlos Quevedo

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!